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Le Studio Plastique!

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My new friend PlasticXO, who I was extremely happy to meet over at skullbrain, shares a passion for Japanese vinyl toy collecting & photography and was gracious enough to invite fellow toy photographer’s Winu and myself to participate in a new web exhibit showcasing selections of our toy images!

Monsters with Soft Brains and Vinyl Skulls’ (I love that!) is the title of this unusual web exhibition of Japanese monster toy photography. PlasticXO solely created the website design and did an extraordinary job in creating a unique presentation for our uncommon and Monstrous images!

Each photographer involved displays a very distinct approach of breathing life into what is essentially a static object….though these aren’t your ordinary static objects to be sure…these are monster toys!and they have LOADS of personality for us to work with!

I’m sure I speak for the other guys too when I say how much I enjoy shooting these crazy and rare Japanese vinyls and creating images that are hopefully really interesting and fun to view!

Click here to take a visit to the gallery!!!

[Or click any image below to head over…]




Thanks again Olivier!!!

[Oh, and on different side note… I added a video link on the sidebar to my youtube channel. It has most of the past video’s I’ve posted here on the blog for your time wasting enjoyment.]


A Trip to NM…

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Just got back from another wild, weird, & wonderful trip to my (2nd) favorite state…New Mexico!

Organ Mtns...not like that pipe organ...

…and of course REdYOdA never travels without taking along a few toy friends!

Lots and lots of pics…some with toys…some not. Some messed with by camera tricks & software…some not…BUT … I always try to make them interesting and fun! This task was actually made pretty easy by the fascinating and intriguing places we visited!

Click any pic to view mucho grande!

The worlds largest Pistachio outside of Alamogordo, NM…done in 60’s postcard style…it’s 30 feet tall…

Such a tourist!

NM has so many truly breathtaking sights…it’s definitely not just flat desert like many think…

The Rabbit Ear peaks…

The Rabbit Ears

The sky is BIG here!

The Organ Mtn peaks

The fall colors were in full effect!…


Interesting wildflowers…


Local Kaiju checks us out…

Love those colors!

Had to take a pic of this amazing and delicate Raven skull my Uncle found!…

Raven Skull

Garamon came along to keep an eye on us…

I feel like I'm being watched....

People in Hatch, NM put chile peppers on their roof to dry them!

Red Chiles cover the roof!

Garamon poses in front of some Mexican glass…

Garamon Lollipop

Visited a very cool place that you may recognize from a lot of sci-fi movies…the Very Large Array!

Seriously out in the middle of NOWHERE!

VLA Sign

Out in the stark San Augustin plains (50 miles west of Socorro) stand the 27 massive Radio Antennas pointed up at the stars…each antenna weighs 230 tons!!!

click for a much better view…


Which antenna is different than the others?…



My Uncle takes a closer look…

They are BIG!

I highly recommend making the totally out-of-the-way trip to the VLA…I really learned a lot about radio astronomy…and these giant antennas are just an unreal sight!…and you can pick up a copy of Contact in the gift shop ;)…


Lots more coming up in PART2…including this place…

I think he's lost...

Alex Wald & Tura Satana!

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Tura Tura Tura!

I wanted to post this sooner but the Holidays took their toll on my writing time last month.

I received the amazing ‘Violent Planet‘ print from Alex Wald last month… and I’m still marveling over it’s awesomeness! The exciting artwork Alex created above was for a special charity event to raise money for Apna Ghar, a domestic violence shelter serving primarily Asian women and children and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer charity.

Alex actually created two posters…for two ‘unknown and lost until now’Tura Satana films: Violent Planet (Pictured above), featuring the lost footage that captured Tura taking on not just one… but two evil Guirons…and armed only with a Shoto blade and a smokin’ bod!

…The second ‘lost‘ film:The World of Suzette Wong‘ (pictured below) has Tura reprising her steamy role from Billy Wilder’s ‘Irma la Douce’. This time Tura is the real star of a film filled with gambling & Yakuza in the back streets of Paris and Kobe Japan!

Sexy Suzette Wong

I’m a bit of a Japanese movie poster collector as well, and these really capture the look and feel of my favorite Japanese posters from the late 50’s-early 70’s. I just can’t get enough of the bold colors, the prominent Kanji and Kana, and the excitement of the films/characters they portray.

I also wanted to take the time to mention Alex’s art here because…

  1. Alex is just a really cool guy!
  2. His artwork is amazing (besides his freelance stuff, Alex has worked as a comic artist and illustrator for over 20 years!)
  3. He’s a kaiju collector and film fan.
  4. Tura Satana is super cool!
  5. He has a few prints left!

If you would like to pick up one of the ‘Violent Planet‘ 13″x19″ prints…or check out his other works, contact Alex through his blog: Astromonster or flickr set HERE! There is one available on ebay too…act fast…these were limited to just 40 prints, and once they’re gone…Sayonara Satana!

All Photos in this posting © Alex Wald. All rights reserved.


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What’s wrong with this picture?…

What a pain in the ass!

Well for starters…two heads facing opposite directions…this poor kaiju doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…it’s Magnetudon!  Talk about an identity crisis…sheesh!

Magnetudon, from 1971’s Spectreman, is summoned and controlled by the evil blond mentioned here a couple of posts ago…Dr Gori!

This unfortunate monster has a Mole head, which is fond of burrowing beneath the Earth and causing earthquakes, and a Catfish…well,…ass. The Catfish side of his personality prefers to swim the Earth’s oceans and cause massive tidal waves that wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal cities.

These two seem pretty happy with their predicament…
Are two heads really better than one?

The figure used in the images above is the CCP Toys 2002 Magnetudon from their Spectreman Series. The figure is 9″ tall. This is an absolute favorite of mine by CCP…great colors, and the expressions on the two faces are pretty humorous. The whole sculpt is just interesting and bizarre.


As with many kaiju creations in Japan, there is often a mythological beast used for inspiration… I’m not really sure about the Mole part…but I believe the Catfish is in reference to ‘Namazu‘, the earthquake causing catfish from Japanese legend…


Having a fish head for an ass also gets you more screen time…Magnetudon appears in two back-to-back episodes of Spectreman… Episode 15: “A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo“, and Episode 16: “Retaliation of Magnetudon“.

Below are the youtube versions of the episode uploaded by the great Spectreman.Net!

Oh!…one more thing, Episode 16 contains perhaps one of the greatest lines of dialog…that I promise you’ll never hear anywhwere…ever.

Dr. Gori…“You idiot!   Don’t burrow in the ground like a mole…Come up and fight… like a Catfish!!”


New Ultra Kaiju Anatomy Book

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2008 Kaiju Anatomical Illustration book from the ‘Ultra’ series!

I picked up this copy recently and thought I would share some scans and a link to purchase your own!


This new soft cover book (175 pages) is loaded with ultra-fantastic anatomical illustrations of kaiju from the Ultra Series (Ultra Q – Ultraman Ace). The book spans monsters (most, but not all) depicted in the Ultra TV programs from 1966-1973. These are reprinted versions of popular kaiju illustrations made during the 60’s-80’s.

A truly great collection of some rare kaiju art!

Click any pic to enlarge…











If you are interested in a copy…HERE is a link to purchase through Amazon Japan.
Don’t be intimidated by the the Japanese language Amazon page…it’s easy!
I’ve already linked to the English translated page (If not, just click in the upper right)…add to your cart…put in your usual Amazon password, and continue to checkout…Easy!
Yes, shipping will be a little high and the Dollar to Yen conversion really sucks right now…but your simply not going to find this book in the States. Shipping is really quite fast too…I live in San Francisco and got it in 3 days!

Dr. Gori

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I will RULE the WORLD!!!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s the evil Dr. Gori!

…Who just happens to prefer pink pant suits.

I used CCP Toys great 8″ Dr. Gori vinyl from the Spectreman series for the image above.

There is more info on Gori from a previous post HERE.

Larger version + a mug shot over at the flickr Gallery.

The real Dr. Gori…

Blondes have more evil fun!

Dr. Gori is not the first Japanese villain…or Hero to sport the golden locks.

There is also the solid gold giant Ambassador Magma (aka Goldar in the US) from Space Giants…
Click pic for a short vid of the golden Ambassador…
Don't hate me because I'm prettier than you.

Plus we can’t forget the 80’s rock band hair of Megaloman!
More video…click the pic…
You should see the size of my blow dryer!

Why blond wigs on Japanese Heroes and Villains??…good question. I’m sure they have their reasons…perhaps budget restraints, I just don’t know. I always kind of thought that… living in a nation that is predominately populated with persons of all black hair and brown eyes…using blond or white hair really added to the exoticism of the character. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the producer/ directors just think blond wigs look cool on gorillas…I guess we may never know.

I must say that they did make an excellent choice for Dr. Gori’s sidekick Karas’s look…

“Shiiiit. I ain’t wearin’ no fool wig…Fool”

Shiiit...I aint wearin' no fool wig...fool.

Kaiju Riding Tricycles Art

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I really love the artwork on these M1-Go Tricycle Kaiju…so I scanned the three boxes that I have available…




First released in 2006…there are quite a few of these M1-Go reproduction tricycle toys featuring other kaiju/heroes as well. With a little searching you can also find a few variant colorways… with different color trikes, Little Tokyo Tower accessories, and the ever popular glow versions!

Finding the vintage tricycle toys is a little more difficult… and they can get pretty spendy if they are in minty condition. You’ll find a lot more characters in the vintage trikes too.

This is what they look like out of the boxes…appx. 5-6″ tall…

Bike Gang

I posted larger scan of the box art at my flickr.

If anyone knows more about the artist…hit me up! It looks like his name is ‘Najita’ but I’m not sure.