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Monster Patrol Car & The Apache Army!

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MPC Header

Jeez…we’re already 7 months thru 2009…this year is going fast!

I’ve picked up a lot of new toys this year and though many of you may disagree with me…I gotta say that my biggest contender for Toy of the Year so far has got to be the ‘Kaiju Patrol Car’ by Elegab/Dokuro Tarou!

aka ‘Monster Patrol Car’ or MPC…


Wonderfest Version

Nari (Elegab) has really continued to WoW everyone with his whimsical original sculpts and designs…the great names, back stories, and amazing use of paint and color combinations,  not to mention creature designs that fit in with any traditional kaiju OR neo-kaiju collection!

A truly great toy!

The MPC is a lunar based monster that along with his Apache Army of riders patrol and defend the moonbase from invasion!

I have to say that it’s very cool to receive a toy that has real playability and so many fun display options…6+ interchangeable riders and backwards compatibility with some of Elegab’s previous monster creations! He’ll even stand on all fours or rear up and stand on his hind legs…with the riders!…



Riders on patrol

Better get out of the way!

The Cockpit…

MPC control Panel

The Apache Army!

I’m not really sure why they are called the Apache Army…maybe a play on words for ‘Patchi monster’. Whatever, they are AWESOME! Each one is so unique and bizarre!

Mail Order 6 piece set



BAKAGON (Yes…he appears to have shit on his head.)


KUZOGON (The junker robot)


DOBLA ( A smog monster)

Smog Monster

DEBAGA-ME (Paparazzi Monster) LOL!

Everybody hates the papz

GHALI BEN (The super smart Alien who’s brain turned to jello and has pencils for hands!)

The Intellectual

A group shot…

Great toys!

All of you that read this blog are passionate about toys…not much beats the satisfaction of tracking down that super rare vintage or super limited release new vinyl that you thought you would never own …because every flipper and their brother is trying to get one too. Sometimes though a toy comes along that unexpectedly steals the show. That’s this one for me.

And guess what? You can actually buy one if you want one…what a concept!

High Five!


Elegab’s Kaiju Patrol Car!

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I had to share this from sculptor & toymaker ‘Elegab’s’ blog…because it is just such a great concept!

It’s only in the prototype stage now…but so very cool!

The ‘Kaiju Patrol Car”!!!

Kaiju Patrol Car!

Shown with DT’s mini passengers: Mimigiras and another new mini sculpt…Damegon!

Tiny Terrible Passengers!

Now imagine this toy all painted up with a variety of interchangeable passengers…so awesome! The little DT mini figures are only about 2 inches tall…so it wouldn’t even be a complete shelf hog!

One more pic…being attacked by Dokuro Tarou’s first real ‘full size’ monster sculpt: Shatorugon!


Shatorugon (or Shuttlegon…there’s a whole back-story of the monster being made from a space shuttle) will hopefully be available from Dokuro Tarou around the end of March…keep your eyes on the store!

The Monster Patrol Car…well-??? I really hope Elegab & DT manage to put it into production. I kinda think he will…Shintani Naritada’s (Elegab) sculpts and toys are really getting a lot more, well deserved, attention!

One more of Shatorugon, and how cool is it that he can hold other DT toys or ???…

With crushing grip!