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Le Studio Plastique!

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My new friend PlasticXO, who I was extremely happy to meet over at skullbrain, shares a passion for Japanese vinyl toy collecting & photography and was gracious enough to invite fellow toy photographer’s Winu and myself to participate in a new web exhibit showcasing selections of our toy images!

Monsters with Soft Brains and Vinyl Skulls’ (I love that!) is the title of this unusual web exhibition of Japanese monster toy photography. PlasticXO solely created the website design and did an extraordinary job in creating a unique presentation for our uncommon and Monstrous images!

Each photographer involved displays a very distinct approach of breathing life into what is essentially a static object….though these aren’t your ordinary static objects to be sure…these are monster toys!and they have LOADS of personality for us to work with!

I’m sure I speak for the other guys too when I say how much I enjoy shooting these crazy and rare Japanese vinyls and creating images that are hopefully really interesting and fun to view!

Click here to take a visit to the gallery!!!

[Or click any image below to head over…]




Thanks again Olivier!!!

[Oh, and on different side note… I added a video link on the sidebar to my youtube channel. It has most of the past video’s I’ve posted here on the blog for your time wasting enjoyment.]



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Took a couple of weeks off as I had a birthday and have also been keeping fairly busy lately!

I will be at the ‘It Came From Skullbrain!‘ show tomorrow night (4/18) at the Super 7 store…gotta get my ERUPTION! Gas Bawer smoking and also coax some annoying analog sounds out of Heavy Metal Dempa-gon!

But mostly I’m just really really excited to see all of the other artist’s images and customs!

I framed up my pictures for the show and decided to go with two of  the three (3 seemed too many) from my Tripus at the beach images. I think they developed really well and look great in the white frames (sorry no framed pics yet).

Tripus storms the beach!

Tripus reflects on life.

I’ve been doing the Kaiju Art Collection for some time and really wanted stray a bit and shoot outdoor/nature images for the ICFSB show.

Some other ideas I was messing around with before I headed to the beach with Tripus…

The pile of Ultra Toys…

Ultra Toys!

The Mothra Twins…

Peanuts as they were known.

Giant Robo…

Kind of looks vintage Soviet

Everyone’s favorite…Tiger 7

Plays tricks with your mind

Henchman Frogs…

Shot using the Fotomo buildings

and one more from the beach…Tripus is standing in the background…

Semi Ningen

I will be bringing my camera along to ICFSB and will post pics soon after the show!

New customs are in the works as well…stay tuned.


It Came From Skullbrain!

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Well, that’s not the official flier…there isn’t one yet…

ICFSB! Imagery of Japanese Toys & Customs Show!

April 18th at the Super 7  Store in San Francisco

Artists include (from the Skullbrain list)…

Toybot Studios
El Maz
Ricky Wilson
Jared Deal
Scott Gargus
Toby Dutkiewicz
Brent Nolasco
Rebel Wookiee
McBoing Boing
Steve Poysntixels
Jason Riggle
Dead Presidents
Robert De Castro
Chris Bryan
Mr Grzlli Atom
Jesse Hernandez
Dustin Cantrell
Leonard Amaral
Lou Pimentel
Sean Blay
Cliff Kirschner
Benjamin Seto
Josh Herbolsheimer

I’m seriously excited for this show! I have one piece finished for the custom part…though I haven’t decided on an image yet. Some crazy talented artists are showing in this…it promises to be a really special event!

The show is now closed for artists. Visit or for more info!

Hope to see you there!

Fotomo + Kaiju!

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Moguera Attacks!

Moguera Attacks!

Well I had a couple of days off  from work going into the New Year so I though I’d get a little crafty and finally build up a couple of paper models from the ‘Fotomo’ book by Kimio Itozaki that I bought a while back…

Click the book’s cover below to see it at

The ‘Fotomo’ books are filled with papercraft studies of ordinary buildings, buses, apt’s, restaurants, people, etc. Mostly set in Tokyo but a little in Hong Kong as well. The one I have contains Asakusa, Shibuya, & Hong Kong. There are a couple more versions of these amazing 3-D architecture model books by Kimio Itozaki available too.

“Photograph + Model = Fotomo” (so I guess Monster+Photo+Model = ‘MoFotomo’^^) Here is a scan of a couple of pages…click to enlarge.

Truck-Fotomo papercraftPapercraft-building-Fotomo

The pages are quite sturdy and I really enjoy the forced perspective some of these offer for photography… but of course I have to add monsters to my shots…so I got to work building my first one…

Tiny Subway

It took me about 45 min. to complete the little subway scene. Now to find kaiju stars at the appx. scale…

Moguera & Goji get ready for their shot

The Marmit Para-Baby Goji and Moguera seemed about right.

I’m actually really happy with how the Moguera shot at the top of this post turned out. I was able to achieved some great lighting effects using Photoshop… hopefully making the stores seem more alive and real. Click either image to see larger ones over at flickr.

Here’s Godzilla attacking a Tokyo Subway…

Goji loves Subway Trains!
I’ve built another one already and plan to do more. They are actually really quite fun to make! The only problem is…what to do with them after I’m finished photographing. They are just too cool looking to toss and I don’t have the room to display them…hmmm quandary.

More on Fotomo and photographer Kimio Itozaki can be found HERE! (in English)