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A legendary Japanese Monster in vinyl!

A creature myth not too unlike our ‘Bigfoot’ legend here in the US…many would argue that the Japanese Tsuchinoko is a real snake like creature that some have reported as even having mythical powers. Though, like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, Nessie, the Yeti, etc…people have also claimed to have witnessed, took images, or actually captured the elusive snake creature…but like all of the other cryptozoologic creatures…science has yet to confirm it’s existence.

The real deal?

One of many variations that have been encountered…

Tsuchinoko (sue-chee-no-ko)…which translates to “Hammer Spawn” are said to be highly venomous, able to jump great distances, and also have the ability to bite onto their own tail and roll around like a wheel. Those who have encountered say they make high pitched squeaking sounds or screeches.

Among the even more strange legends about these funny looking snake monsters:

The ability to talk (though it usually tells lies, which makes sense, ’cause it’s a snake.) and a strange penchant for booze…

Let’s Party first…Ssssss….and then I’ll eat you!

A toy of a lying, drinking, evil mythical snake…had to have one!

M1-Go produced 3 versions of the beasties back in 2008 which they dubbed ‘UMA: Unidentified Mysterious Animal‘. The 8″ long 5″ high snakes came packaged in a box (with great artwork, see below!) which is also kind of unusual for these types of vinyl toys. Also included is a very shiny black presentation platform wrapped in a paper envelope…and as usual the vinyl quality and paint are right on par with M1-Go’s normal super high standards.  I don’t see these Tsuchinoko vinyls come up too often…but I was able to snag one in the last Morphy Auction.

M1-Go’s offerings…

Some pics of the one I received…

Box art front…

Box art back…

Out of the box…he’s not happy about this…

Got to be more careful…ouch!

That’s it for now…but if you do find yourself in the Japanese countryside…watch your step!


GORGO! + A New Custom!

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Love Gorgo…one of the first “kaiju” films I saw when I was a kid.

Gorgo Quad Poster

This giant monster is not from Japan though…

…Gorgo hails from Great Britain mates!

From the director of the wonderful Harryhausen vehicle: ‘Beast from 20,000 Fathoms‘  Russian born film visualist & pioneer Eugene Lourie’  takes one more stab at directing a giant monster epic before going back to his main ambition of film art director and designer.

Beast from 20,000 Fathoms!


Gorgo follows the story of a treasure salvage ship’s Captain, Joe Ryan, and his shipmates run-in with a violent offshore volcanic eruption… an event that will soon lead them to an encounter with a juvenile 65′ monster that is to be named… Gorgo!


A face only a mother could love...

Definite shades of King Kong in this film…with the capture and transport of the mini beast to London…where like Kong…Gorgo is displayed to the public before all hell breaks loose! Of course Gojira is the first to come to mind too…I guess it’s hard to make a giant monster movie without it being compared to Godzilla.

The twist in this film is that it’s not Gorgo at all who’ll become the problem…it’s his angry 200′ tall mother Ogra! Momma Ogra isn’t at all happy about men stealing her baby…so the British Navy, the iconic clock Big Ben and the Tower Bridge in London will all feel her wrath!    How does it end???


Give me back my BABY!!

Lobby Card

I’d definitely recommend buying it…this is actually a really descent monster film with great effects!

$9.99 @ Amazon HERE!

Here’s the exciting finale (if you just can’t wait)…

A New Gorgo Custom!

I didn’t have time to finish the ‘baby’ Gorgo that came with this M1-go set of flesh vinyls but here is the completed full size…

Gorgo Custom!

Gorgo Custom Back

M1’s Gorgo sculpt is really something…lots of textures and lizardy bumps and scales. I wanted to use a lot of colors on this one to really bring out all of the surface qualities. I think I used about 10-12 colors on him total!

I’m calling this custom ‘Powered Gorga’ …in reference to some monsters ability to draw extra power and abilities which often makes them glow red or change colors…

Powered Gorgo!

Powered Gorgo!

Gorgo Custom by REdYOdA

The 9.5″ M1-go Gorgo vinyl was introduced in 2002 and has 6-7 different colorways including a few glow versions. Not too rare or terribly expensive but a great sculpt nonetheless. The sculpt captures the essence of the British movie monster very well…especially those big ol’ mitts!


Custom M1 Zeton

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Polka dot Zeton II’s final hours at my house before departing to a new secret location in California…

REdYOdA Zeton

A private meeting takes place between the ‘suits’ and Kemur (a very close relative) before PDZ II is transferred to his new base of operation…

Family Portrait

…Followed by a transfer of sensitive information…Z-Ton style…

Zeton communication...or ????

Lastly…a final send off…with everyone wearing their best suits….

Z-Tons hate goodbyes...

Off to a new home! …

Zeton flys

Kemur & Z-Ton

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After finishing a custom Zeton for a friend, I decided to finally create a new image for the Kaiju Art Collection too!

I’ll post pics of the new custom after it’s new owner receives it. For this image, I used a custom I did several months ago…

Zeton! aka…Z-Ton

I’ve done some terrible things…

I've done some terrible things.

This M1-Go sculpt was an instant favorite because it’s one of the few business suited kaijin (human sized monsters) that I like so much…and I’m definitely not alone there! Basically it’s M1’s Semi-ningen’s suited body with a M1 Kemurujin head stuck on.

The difference between Kemur, Kemurujin, Z-ton, Zeton, and  Zetton?…

I’ll start with Kemurujin…or Kemur for short because he was first on the screen in 1966’s Ultra Q

Kemur Seijin!

He has a thing for Ferris wheels in the very dark episode…

I'll take that.

Kemur makes a very brief return in 1967’s Ultraman Episode 33 “The Forbidden World”, after being summoned by the evil alien Mephilas! Kemur II as he is sometimes known, is on screen for about 2 seconds…but it’s his first time in color…

Don't blink...or you'll miss my close-up!

Now on to Z-Ton, Zeton, and Zetton…

For Ultraman’s final episode…Episode 39 ” Farewell Ultraman” in 1967, apparently the producers decided to bring Kemurujin back. But, as they often did, they used a previously used monster suit…made a few changes in appearance…and called him something else for the new episode.

This time Tsuburaya’s team changed the head a bit and added a business suit to the now human sized…Zeton, or Z-ton as he is listed in some kaiju/kaijin reference books…

As before…we only get to see him breifly…basically he stands up after being tackled by the Science Patrol, turns around and gets shot in the face…

Like my new suit?


Thats gotta hurt!

OK…who is Zetton then???…

This guy…Zeton’s boss… also from the final episode, who finally overwhelms our hero Ultraman…

You're toast Ultraman!

The two aliens in the final episode are from the planet Z-Ton…so we have the lesser alien Zeton and his boss Zetton…creative huh?

Many toy companies created figures of Kemur and Zeton…though the most confusing is the 1991 release of Z-ton by M1-Go due to the cost effectiveness of using Kemur’s head on the Semi-ningen’s suited body sculpt. M1’s Kemur, Semi-Ningen, and Z-ton were all produced in 1991. You’ll often see M1’s Z-ton listed as Kemur or Kemur Seijin (Seijin means Adult) because of the mix-match parts. We will see the same suit resurface again for M1’s Keronia in 2001.

Finally…here is a mislabled video of ‘Kemurujin’ and Ultraman performing a Benny Hill-esque fight…not sure of the video’s origin… so chime in if you do!

Video is from Gojira73rules

Pics of my new version of the Zeton with a polka-dot tie coming soon…

Ragon Custom

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Belly Flop?

I finished up a custom of a favorite M1 Sculpt…Ragon!

Pictured above is a shot I created of the custom Ragon swimming…though the more I look at it…it looks kinda like she is skydiving!

Hmm…I always thought of the Ultra Q monster ‘Ragon’ as a ‘he’ but certain areas of this sculpt make me think otherwise^^

Here’s the normal shot…
REdYOdA Ragon Custom
Click through to see a much better and larger version at flickr.

I must say that it does have a pretty shiny fish-like appearance in hand. I layered quite a few metallic colors to give it some depth and a more translucent sea creature look.

Extreme Close-up

Well, that’s it for today, oh…btw, Ragon is from 1966’s Ultra Q Episode 20: “The Undersea Primate Ragon and this vinyl figure was produced by M1-Go, 1991, 9″ tall.

A supersized Ragon 2.0 appears in Ultraman Episode 4 as well…

…and gets clobbered Ultra-style…
A fish out of water...

Flower Monsters?

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Flower Power!
Shown above is ‘Greenmons‘ …the giant flower monster from UltramanEpisode 5: The Treasure of the Miloganda. I used a 2000 M1-Go mini for the shot. I used an extra light beaming in the side…hoping to create a glowing ‘Sun’ effect.


First discovered by a botanical expedition to the remote Oilis Island, the irradiated Greenmons attacks a surprised team of botanists and reporters, luckily the angry plant is able to be put down by a team member’s revolver. Some time later, back in Japan, the same flowery beast that was presumed dead, returns in the dead of night to take more victims.

After a grisly killing spree, the monster is finally discovered after an attack on one of the Science Patrol’s own. Greenmons is shot again, only to fall and disappear into a reservoir. Dead? Oh…I don’t think so!

For the final showdown,  this time Greenmons returns as a towering flower beast that only Ultraman can stop!

Greenmons was not the first flowery monster to wreak havoc upon Tokyo… first there was…

‘Juran’ the Mammoth Flower from Ultra Q

Ultra Q – Episode 5 ‘The Mammoth Flower’ 1966

After a series of mysterious earthquakes shake Tokyo, ominous looking vines start appearing that are definitely not your typical houseplant variety. The Ultra Q team soon witness the vines mounting an
attack on a hapless human. With the help of a broken bottle and a fire extinguisher (?!) as weapons, the team are able to put a stop to the carnivorous plant…for the time being.

Soon the plant reemerges, though this time it has transformed into ‘Manmosu Furawā’ or ‘Mammoth Flower’, tearing through a building to allow it’s flower to extend. The 300 ft. tall flower soon wreaks more havoc… with deadly vines and a pollen that has the ability to cocoon it’s victims.

After much deliberation and close calls, the Ultra Q team along with a Dr. Ichitani, who’s theories of giant, city destroying flowers were previously scoffed at, decide to put to use the doctor’s plan for destroying the Mammoth Flower…Fixed Carbonic Acid.

Released from an airplane by Ultra Q’s pilot Jun and the doctor, the acid, along with flamethrowers, are able to put down the giant plant once and for all.

The narrator in the end of the program reminds us to be careful of the pretty flowers…as they may rise up to destroy us again….ok, that’s just weird.

…But I like pretty flowers!

…and so does Gabari…(shown with the little M1-Go Greenmons)

Now you have an excuse if your girfriend asks… “how come you never give me flowers anymore?”

“Well, because honey, flowers are evil and will grow hundreds of feet tall and destroy humanity. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?”

Click HERE to visit The Kaiju Art Collection and see the pic grow in size.

Custom Gargantuas!

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Sanda & Gaira

Pictured above are my latest customs of Sanda (left) & Gaira from War of the Gargantuas!

The figures were produced by M1-Go in 2003 and are my favorite sculpt of these two handsome devils in vinyl.


One more pic at my RY customs flickr.

Pick up the film too if you haven’t already…it’s great!

…and as an added bonus, I’ve added the Main Theme to WotG by Akira Ifukube in the sidebar music section…enjoy!