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Custom Meterica M1 Titanosaurus!

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I took a little break from painting customs…but started in again this week and finished up this guy…

Titanosaurus Side View

Such a great sculpt on the 1997 M1Go Titanosaurus…I love the evil looking almond shaped eyes and his toothy grin!


For his skin coloring I wanted to create an iridescent like appearance. I started with a black base coat and layered over purple, silver, and greens (I’m still really into metallic!). Highlights are in reds, gold, and purples.  I think he turned out fairly well for the most part…

Titanosaurus Side 2

Thanks to Anthony for hooking me up with the blank figure!

Titanosaurus is from 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla. It’s his only appearance in the Godzilla franchise.

Here is a cool video showing the Mighty T doing what he does. His voice sounds like they sampled Elephant to me.


Tetsujin T-28 Custom

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Tetsujin T-28

The giant robot known as ‘Iron Man #28’ AKA ‘Gigantor‘ in the U.S.

This custom is a 1995 M1Go Tetsujin T-28. Painted in blue/turquoise metallic with silver, green, red, and gold metallic sprays. I went with the original eye style as the painted M1Go version… the eyes stay true to the anime style imo. …and he’s very shiny in person.

Click the T-28 pic above to check out his shiny rear in the REdYOdA Custom Gallery.

Here is a little Original ‘Gigantor’  (OG) in action…

^^^^Great Stuff!!!^^^

I’ll do a more detailed post on Tetsujin T-28  history a little later….

Hawaiian Matango in Exciting New Film!

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Uhm…well not really.

This is me screwing around with my digital camera and some new video editing software.

Hey…what good are all of the toys if you don’t play with them a little???

‘Anger of the Matango’

Should have a new custom to post tomorrow…

Custom Mini Mongler!

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Don't Move Mongler!

Shown above (being held up by U-Tom) is the new custom Mini Mongler from M1Go!

Based on the original Bullmark, this mini Mongler started life cast in pink vinyl. It’s painted solid black, then given gold spray, and finished with hand painted black/white eyes, silver whiskers, and a pinkish tongue. I used V-color entirely, except for the whiskers and tongue.

The Mongler Trio

Mongler is from UltraQ.

Click HERE to see larger Monglers in the Custom Gallery!

Stay tuned as I have a new custom 10″ figure done and ready to be photographed. Hint: it’s from Max Toy/Dream rocket...

New Customs…Done!

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Visit the Gallery!

I finished up the Minya & Bemler customs…finally!

Bemler is actually sold (my first!), and Minya is probably going to stay home with me as he’s not exactly everyone’s favorite kaiju but… we’ll see.

I went for a pearlized finish on both Kaiju… using mostly V-Color (a special vinyl paint from Japan) and a little Tamiya. Both are then given a clear vinyl coating to protect. These really do catch the light well!

Both figures started as flesh colored vinyl: Minya is by Marusan and Bemlar is a 1997 M1go, and yes… I made Minya have googly eyes on purpose.

Click the pic to go to the new customs gallery!

Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…

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or this could happen to you…


That’s what happened to the castaways in 1963’s Matango!
Matango, also known as Attack of the Mushroom People, is directed by Ishiro Honda, with SFX provided by, the oft mentioned here, Eiji Tsuburaya.

The fungus fueled film tells the story of a group of wealthy castaways who find themselves stranded on a tropical Pacific Island after their luxury yacht wrecks due to a storm.
The castaways soon find remnants of a previous shipwreck…but no survivors. Though it is apparent that the previous survivors were able to stay alive for some time… what happened to them????

Succumbing to starvation, the pitiful castaways are reduced to eating the native mushrooms… not heeding the warning of their own yacht Captain… and a warning of ingesting the shrooms found on the previous wreck’s logbook.

The film descends into psychedelic imagery, and psilocybin induced paranoia, as the castaways come to terms with the discovery of the fate of the former castaways… and glimpse their own.

Click poster for the original trailer…
1963 Matango Poster

A darker film for the era, Matango is a study of the dangers of our human excesses and disrespect of nature…a nature that will ultimately and defiantly return the human race to it primordial origins.

Of course I highly recommend this film!
Exciting direction, SFX, and imagery…and yeah…Mushroom Monsters!

For the Kaiju Art Collection ‘Matango’, I used the M1-Go, Hawaiian colorway figure.

Click the Matango coloring page below and visit the gallery! (The coloring sheet came with the figure..and I made the scan large so you can print your own!)

Color Me!


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It’s Woo from UltramanBlue Woo!

Blue Woo!
Woo by  M1-IchiGo is one of my all time favorite (you’re gonna hear that a lot! ) kaiju vinyl’s. The 2001 M1-IchiGo version (used for both Kaiju Art Photographs in this post) is a wonderfully stylized representation of the Snow monster…and it glows in the dark!

Well, at least one vinyl version of M1’s Woo does. M1Go also released a ‘Lucky Bag’ unpainted version, and a very rare special mail-away version (you would send in the unpainted version and M1Go would paint Woo and then mail it back to you). There are also Woos by Bandai, Marmi,t & others.

I’ll be sure to do an article about M1-IchiGo toy co. soon…stay tuned.

Here’s the previous O.G. Kaiju Art Woo I did using the M1…Click to enlarge in the gallery!

O.G. Woo!

Woo makes his debut in 1967’s UltramanEpisode 30: “The Phantom Snow Mountain” as the misunderstood snow monster who befriends an orphaned girl named Yuki.

Kind of a sad ending in this episode, but you do get to see the Science Patrol go skiing!

A great original Ultraman episode… and you can own it here!

Woo Trivia:

Before the talented Eiji Tsuburaya gave the world Ultra Q and Ultraman…there was ‘Woo’.

‘Woo’ was to be a  television series about a benevolent alien (Woo) who comes to Earth after it’s home planet is destroyed. Woo would eventually befriend the initially hostile humans, and become Earth’s protector from alien and monster invasion. Japan’s Fuji TV wanted an output similar to America’s popular ‘Outer Limits’ & ‘Twilight Zone’ series of the time.

Though Woo was never filmed due to it’s scope, and the demanding technical achievements necessary, it’s essence would live on. Soon after Woo’s dissolution, Tsuburaya’s talents were tapped again to envision a series called ‘Unbalance’. In short… the Sci-Fi, SFX series ‘Unbalance’ would eventually morph into Ultra Q…and from there the rest is Ultra history!

I’ll post more about Unbalance, Woo, and the beginning’s of Ultraman as this blog moves on… but, if you’re interested in the subject, I could never do the job as well as author and tokusatsu expert August Ragone.

To really get the story of Eiji Tsuburaya… the father of all things Ultra…and the SFX wizard behind a certain giant, Atomic, Tokyo hating, lizard… pick up August’s indispensable tome to everything Eiji:

Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters

Buy This Book!

Even if you’re not into monster movies or Ultraman…you will be after reading this book!

Woo Hoo!