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Playin’ with the Cats…

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Some older Rxh Cat pics I took…bottom picture ( a slightly different version) was used for this site’s header…

After a few too many...

Odd Cat Out…
Star Cat looks lonely

Lots of paint drying on 4 customs today…will have at least one finished soon ( a Gargamel).


Kaiju Maneki Neko!

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Kaiju Maneki Neko!

The Mutant ‘Lucky Cat’ or ‘Maneki Neko’* used in the Kaiju Art above is part of a series from one of the most well respected Japanese art toy producers… RealxHead.
The cute mutant cyclops cats come in 2.5″ or 7″ versions and come in a variety of colors.
There are also a few special colorways out there too… if one was inclined to do a little hunting.

RealxHead is responsible for bringing us quite a few legendary vinyl series: Pop Soda, Mutant Head, Mutant Evil, Mutant Chaos, Bigaro, Lucky Cats, and many more!  The paint, design, and vinyl quality of the varied figures is really superior.

I am particularly fond of the Mutant Chaos Series myself.  The Chaos series has some of the most intriguing colorways and variants… plus the figure itself is just so bad-ass!

If you happen to be into painting customs, like myself,…the Chaos Mutants are really a blast to paint too!

You know I look good!

RealxHead’s humble rise to fame started with a lone figure in 2003 called the ‘Oni Head’. Founded by artist Mori Katsura, the visionary toy company continued producing outlandish series after series, without ever compromising quality.
RxH gave the growing legions of die-hard fans some of the most amazing designs in the vinyl scene to date. Today, RxH’s figures usually sell out very quickly and continue to have exceptionally high collectability.

The RxH Mini Lucky Cats would be a great way for any newbies out there to get into vinyl collecting.
Why?…because they are produced by a very reputable Japanese toy producer , tracking down all of the colorways is a lot of fun, they look and display great…and best of all...the little kitty’s can be picked up for about $10 all over the internets!

With so many great vinyl toy designers, both East and West, it can be challenging to produce even ONE memorable new figure that will maintain it’s collectability… and hold our interests. With 5 years+ in business and a remarkable amount of releases…RealxHead has yet to disappoint!

Happy hunting!

Pray for more RxH!

Hint: start here…lucky

*Wikipedia entry on the history of traditional Maneki Neko HERE!