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Kaiju Riding Tricycles Art

Posted in Kaiju misc. with tags , , , , , on November 9, 2008 by REdYOdA

I really love the artwork on these M1-Go Tricycle Kaiju…so I scanned the three boxes that I have available…




First released in 2006…there are quite a few of these M1-Go reproduction tricycle toys featuring other kaiju/heroes as well. With a little searching you can also find a few variant colorways… with different color trikes, Little Tokyo Tower accessories, and the ever popular glow versions!

Finding the vintage tricycle toys is a little more difficult… and they can get pretty spendy if they are in minty condition. You’ll find a lot more characters in the vintage trikes too.

This is what they look like out of the boxes…appx. 5-6″ tall…

Bike Gang

I posted larger scan of the box art at my flickr.

If anyone knows more about the artist…hit me up! It looks like his name is ‘Najita’ but I’m not sure.


Matango Custom!

Posted in Customs with tags , , , on October 31, 2008 by REdYOdA

I’ve been wanting to custom a Matango for quite some time but had poor luck in finding an unpainted M1 or Marmit…well I found a 1997 Marmit, and here he is…now all shiny!
Matango Front/Back
Matango Front/Back
It would be extremely hard for me to pick a favorite kaiju out of so many imaginative and unique creations, but if I had to pick just one…it would have to be Matango!
Matango Poster
I had envisioned a full-on metallic mushroom man (I am really into the metallic colors right now!) and knew it would be really fun to paint. For the Marmit custom, I used black, blue, red, gold, green, silver, and pink sprays.

Here he is with some fungi friends…
Check out the new guy!

Bigger pics +1 more can be found in the REdYOdA Custom Gallery.

Thanks for looking!

Hawaiian Matango in Exciting New Film!

Posted in Kaiju misc. with tags , , , on September 25, 2008 by REdYOdA

Uhm…well not really.

This is me screwing around with my digital camera and some new video editing software.

Hey…what good are all of the toys if you don’t play with them a little???

‘Anger of the Matango’

Should have a new custom to post tomorrow…

Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…

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or this could happen to you…


That’s what happened to the castaways in 1963’s Matango!
Matango, also known as Attack of the Mushroom People, is directed by Ishiro Honda, with SFX provided by, the oft mentioned here, Eiji Tsuburaya.

The fungus fueled film tells the story of a group of wealthy castaways who find themselves stranded on a tropical Pacific Island after their luxury yacht wrecks due to a storm.
The castaways soon find remnants of a previous shipwreck…but no survivors. Though it is apparent that the previous survivors were able to stay alive for some time… what happened to them????

Succumbing to starvation, the pitiful castaways are reduced to eating the native mushrooms… not heeding the warning of their own yacht Captain… and a warning of ingesting the shrooms found on the previous wreck’s logbook.

The film descends into psychedelic imagery, and psilocybin induced paranoia, as the castaways come to terms with the discovery of the fate of the former castaways… and glimpse their own.

Click poster for the original trailer…
1963 Matango Poster

A darker film for the era, Matango is a study of the dangers of our human excesses and disrespect of nature…a nature that will ultimately and defiantly return the human race to it primordial origins.

Of course I highly recommend this film!
Exciting direction, SFX, and imagery…and yeah…Mushroom Monsters!

For the Kaiju Art Collection ‘Matango’, I used the M1-Go, Hawaiian colorway figure.

Click the Matango coloring page below and visit the gallery! (The coloring sheet came with the figure..and I made the scan large so you can print your own!)

Color Me!