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Mechagodzilla replenishes his Qi

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After days of citywide destruction, having his head ripped off, and fighting Godzilla…sometimes Mechagodzilla needs to find his inner calm…

This Mechagodzilla is actually Tomy’s great little bipedal robot iSobot…with an M1-Go Mechagodzilla vinyl head stuck on. Music by Miyagi (Kyoto Garden).

Thanks to Kirkland for putting it up on TBS!

Now here is a cool video of the real MechaG getting his suit tests…yeah, it’s actually just a guy in a suit. I know…I was a little disappointed too 😉



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The giant titanium robot first appears in 1974’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.

In Godzilla vs MechaG, the metallic terror is sent to Earth disguised as Japan’s nemesis Godzilla by the evil alien race the ‘Simians’ aka “The Black Hole Aliens’. With the help of the kaiju ‘Anguirus’, MechaG’s charade is discovered. In no time, our real anti-hero Godzilla shows up to finish exposing the deceitful robot.

A ferocious battle takes place… requiring Godzilla to enlist the help of the mythological Kaiju ‘King Caesar’.
It will ultimately takes the monster’s combined efforts to behead the heavily armored and deadly MechaGodzilla.

Having their robot ‘s head handed to them, the ‘Simian’ aliens give it another shot in ‘Terror of MechaGodzilla‘ …just one year later in 1975. This time MechaG is controlled by a Cyborg woman.

The ‘Simian’ aliens reanimate & install a  monster remote control into a  scientist’s daughter named Katsura after she is accidentally killed in her father’s laboratory. The scientist… Dr. Mafune, has a tortured past and is responsible for inventing the remote control device for a dinosaur like creature named ‘Titanosaurus’. Titanosauraus also shows up in this outing to make Godzilla’s life more difficult by helping MechaG in his bid for domination.
Decapitation occurs once again at the hands of the mighty Gojira...but wait… before Godzilla can contemplate another victory jig, MechaG surprises everyone with the ability to function quite well headless. We get our first look at the actual Brain behind the terror! Katsura will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she is to save humanity. I’ll give up no more of MechaG’s or Katsura’s fate…check it out on Classic Media’s excellent DVD release!

MechaG will make a final appearance in 1993’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II. This time the robot is assembled on earth using technology from the time traveling ‘Futurians’. This outing sees MechaG battle with ‘Rodan’, the birth of another ‘baby Godzilla’ , the discovery that Godzilla and son have (2) brains (one brain controls their nether regions, hey…like my brain!), and a very difficult battle for Godzilla.
Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II ‘s plot was originally intended to build a bridge to the upcoming American Godzilla by having the new baby Godzilla grow up and star in the new movie. Sony pictures, in their infinite wisdom, decide to have a stand alone G-film and abandon the idea. Thus giving us the critically acclaimed and well loved American Godzilla.
…Just kidding about the well loved, critically acclaimed part. The movie isn’t really that bad…it’ s just not a Godzilla movie any way you look at and I think most G-fans will agree with me.

Click MechaGodzilla to see his brain…really!


The Kaiju Art Collection Blog Begins…

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witha Mecha Godzilla Welcome!

KAC blog will showcase the Kaiju Art & Photography of REdYOdA…
while also offering up a good amount of info on Japanese sci-fi series & monster films, history, toy reviews, & discussion of vinyl art.

Please come back and visit!