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New Customs…Done!

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I finished up the Minya & Bemler customs…finally!

Bemler is actually sold (my first!), and Minya is probably going to stay home with me as he’s not exactly everyone’s favorite kaiju but… we’ll see.

I went for a pearlized finish on both Kaiju… using mostly V-Color (a special vinyl paint from Japan) and a little Tamiya. Both are then given a clear vinyl coating to protect. These really do catch the light well!

Both figures started as flesh colored vinyl: Minya is by Marusan and Bemlar is a 1997 M1go, and yes… I made Minya have googly eyes on purpose.

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Godzilla & Minilla

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Speaking of Minya, from my earlier post… here is a set-up I photographed a while back of them riding a tricycle. Does that sound strange?

It’s actually an M1-IchiGo replica of a vintage Bullmark Gojira on a tricycle. These vintage tricycle toys are quite rare and were very popular. Just about every character in Japan was made at some point…riding a tricycle! Luckily M1 toys released quite a few fantastic reproductions.

The Minya figure is sold separately (with mini bag & header) and is meant to ride on the back. Minya comes in 2 color variations, green & red. Godzilla with the tricycle comes in 3 color variations, glow,brown, or green.

Godzilla & Minilla go for a ride!

They are almost worth buying just for the box art!

Box Art