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We want your women…

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Just 5 of that so much to ask???

The Mysterians!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection from the 1957 TOHO film: “Earth Defense Force“. The image above is one of the film’s alien baddies known as a ‘Mysterian’ from the U.S. release in 1959… “The Mysterians“.

A small request…

After destroying their own planet ‘Mysteroid‘ with wars, the helmeted humanoid aliens escape to Mars for a rather lengthy stay. The Mysterians decide to leave Mars eons later to head for planet Earth, why you may ask? I guess…though it is never explained...they decide to leave Mars because they have one major problem…theirs is a dying species without women to perpetuate their dwindling numbers!

Having landed on Earth, they make their case known, with a little show of power by a giant robot they bring a long named ‘Moguera‘.

All we want is 3 kilometers of land…and uhh…
That's cool...right?

This early tokusatsu film really is great fun to watch…fantastic aliens, bizarre costumes, and the aforementioned giant robot: Moguera (who btw is the first giant robot in a TOHO film!) Heck, it’s made by the same TOHO super team of  Tanaka/Honda/Tsuburaya/Ifukube that brought Gojira to life!  The film also features a lot of returning cast that you’ll recognize from the original 1954 Godzilla… including the lovely heroine of both films: Momoko Kôchi.

Hiroko gets snatched…

I like your other helmet soo much better!

Moguera…maybe not the most terrifying giant robot we’ve ever seen…

Don't let appearances fool you!

The figure used for the Mysterian image at the top of this post is the great M1-Go 2001 release with blue cape and helmet (M1 also released red and yellow versions as in the film).

Here is the English trailer for the ’59 release of “The Mysterians”…


Papercraft Kaiju!

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I remember seeing this website a long time ago, but had forgotten about it…until I was cleaning up some of my Japanese bookmarks…

Papercraft Moguera

The site is called ‘Miso Soup of Godzilla‘ and features a few nicely detailed…and super cool... papercraft templates that are free to download. Detailed instructions with pictures are included for each model!

Some examples (click any pic and be taken directly to the download page)…

Garamon Papercraft
Garamon Papercraft

And my personal favorite…the 2001 A Space Odyssey Monkeys & Monolith!
bum bum bum bum

As far as kaiju go… there are MechaKong, Garamon, and Moguera. Some other paper models are available too.

To download: Click the thumbnail image of the model you want. Scroll down about halfway. On the left side will be links for a .jpeg or .png file to save to your computer. Instructions can be found on a given models page right above the .jpeg link.

Good Luck!

Missile Truck

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OK, so I had some extra paint and a plain grey mini missile truck sitting around…

Death Truck

The Ballistic Missile vehicle came with the Marmit para-baby Moguera in the pic above. I gave the truck a nice metallic blue finish and some flames. I just couldn’t stand to have it a plain grey color.
Now all I need is a Maser Cannon truck to complete the vehicle arsenal. Japan uses these weapons, with extremely poor results I might add, against it’s persistent giant monster problems.

Tip: if you enlist in the Japanese Military…don’t sign up to drive trucks or tanks.

At least these guys will look good before getting incinerated.

Original Maser Cannon…

…still working on finishing up my M1 customs of Sanda and Gaira from War of the Gargantuas. Pretty much done except I’m waiting for a paint/gloss coat shipment from Japan. Just a couple more days hopefully!


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Mobile. Operation Godzilla. Universal. Expert. Robot. Aero-Type

is the actual acronym for Moguera because…well… just because robots need acronyms!

Moguera has a strange history. The robot’s first appearance is in the 1959 film The Mysterians. In the film, the robot ‘Mogera’ is in town, Japan of course, to help his Alien controllers get some land and women. Hey… isn’t that why we’re all here?
All the Aliens want…5 acres and 5 women… is that so much to ask? Well apparently it is… battles ensue. This film was directed/SFX by my all time favorite film making duo…Eiji Tsuburaya & Ishiro Honda.

Moguera returns all spiffed up in 1994’s Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. In this film MobileOperationGodzillaUniversalExpert RobotAeroType II is built by the UN to protect Earth from Godzilla. When another Godzilla, a Space Godzilla, arrives on Earth, Moguera is dispatched to deal with the new threat.
Moguera ends up attacking Space Godzilla and effecting a devastating blow. Poor Moguera though, is no match for kaiju superstar Godzilla’s nuclear breath.

I highly recommend The Mysterians.

Click MobilieOperationsGodz….oh.. just click it