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More Aliens in New Mexico…

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Aliens in New Mexico!

Aliens in New Mexico!

No, I haven’t turned into a conspiracy website…at least not yet, but I am currently visiting NM and I really like the NM Tourism Bureau’s ad campaign …featuring alien monsters!

EDIT: Having some video embedding issues… CLICK HERE for video.

Going to visit THIS PLACE on Thursdayoh man.


Kaiju Red King!

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Red King!

First Appearance:

The fiendish ‘Reddo Kingu’ or ‘Red King’ first appears in 1966’s ‘Ultraman: Episode 8’.

The crazed kaiju is discovered on a remote Pacific Island… full of other giant monsters and perils for the Science Patrol.

At the start of the episode, a team of four people are dispatched to the island for a scientific research mission…unaware of the dangers that await. Shortly after their arrival, all but one of the doomed scientists will be killed by the freakish residents. The surviving scientist will be saved and cared for by a friendly, human sized kaiju, named Pygmon…
aka Garamon from Ultra Q
Some people call me Garamon

Without a doubt, the most fearsome resident of this island is our 150 ft. tall subject…Red King. In this action packed episode we find out that Red King seems to be quite territorial as well, as the temperamental beast will attack any other monster that comes near him!

First battle: Red King defeats kaiju Chandler…first by ripping off one of the monster’s wings, then pelting it in rage with the wounded beast’s own detached limb… and some boulders…as the dying kaiju flees.

Next contest: Kaiju Magara, who narrowly escapes Red King by burrowing in the ground, but is later killed by the Science Patrol.

Finally, In a sad twist, the benevolent Kaiju Pygmon is crushed and killed by boulders… thrown by the enraged Red King. Little Pygmon dies in an act of self sacrifice…trying to distract Red King from the Science Patrol.

Ultraman will engage Red King in the final moments of the show, tossing him about mercilessly… but, in the end… Ultraman will only succeed in knocking Red King out cold.
Why am I so angry?

Red King II:

We’ll see the unsightly monster rear it’s tiny head again in ‘Ultraman: Episode 25’.

Early on, we find out that the mighty Red King II is now even more lethal… he has swallowed an Atomic Weapon! This encore appearance also sees Red King terrorizing two more kaiju…Dorako & Gigas.

A massive three-way battle is witnessed! …First to lose it’s limbs (wings), by the hand of the green menace, will be Dorako. Gigas will escape death from Red King by fleeing, but again…Gigas will be slain later by the Science Patrol.

Ultraman has his hands full fighting the Atomic Red King…but in the end, Ultraman finally cuts the monster down to size (in thirds to be exact) by using his energy beams. The head/neck of Red King will be flown into space where the Atomic Weapon inside it detonates without harm.

You can see other incarnations of this popular kaiju resurrected in quite a few of the various ‘Ultra’ series episodes that come later on as well.

The brash Red King is definitely a favorite kaiju of mine. The battles which feature him are some of the funnest to watch in the first Ultraman Series!

Click the ‘Kaiju Art Collection‘ Red King above to see him full size!

…and check out the original Ultraman on DVD to see the green behemouth in action!

Bullmark Vintage Commercial

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I didn’t upload this to youtube… but I love this vintage commercial…

I had this video on Myspace for quite some time but the embed didn’t seem to work right, so here it is.

I was in  Super7 here in San Francisco and noticed that they have two of these ball throwing kaiju toys…with Boxes!
I was afraid to ask how much. The kaiju toy is actually about 2 feet tall!
It’s amazing…the vinyl & collectibles that Brian Flynn & Co. are able to get.

I don’t know if I’m lucky or cur$ed to live near Super7.

Those kids are Kawaii!

Rare Music & Themes!

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I’ve added a few choice tunes from my collection to the sidebar (scroll down).
The link will open a new window & play the song…hopefully.


Ultraman Symphonic


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The Hawaiian mega hit … from Japan!

‘Jinzo ningen Kikaida’  or ‘Android Kikaida’ was created on the heels of the successful ‘Kamen Rider’ series in Japan. The original ‘Kikaida’ tokusatsu (live action/SFX) series will have a run of 43 episodes between 1972-1973. Outside of Japan the show sees huge success with audiences in Hawaii…where there is still quite a cult following today.

Kikaida (sometimes referred to as Kikaider) is an android created by a Dr. Komyoji while he and his daughter Mitsuko are held captive by the evil Professor Gil. The demented professor demands Dr. Kimyoji build him an army of robot monsters to takeover the world. Secretly the good doctor starts construction of a sympathetic humanoid robot named Jiro.

The fiendish professor becomes aware of the robot’s construction and Jiro is forced to fight Professor Gil’s mechanical henchmen… destroying the lab in a horrible fire. Jiro is able to defeat the robots and rescue Dr. Komyoji’s daughter Mitsuko, but unable to locate the doctor in the blaze.
The displaced doctor, whom develops amnesia, wanders from town to town, unknowing that Jiro and his children are close on his heels. Every episode will see Jiro transform into the combat android Kikaida and battle Professor Gil’s onslaught of killer robot monsters that hinder their search.

When we see Jiro transform into the powerful Kikaida, he is half blue and half red…due to his incomplete ‘Gemini’ circuit which allows him emotions. The android would be all blue if  Dr. Komyoji had completed him. The red half allows for a dark side to the character… that Professor Gil is all to happy to exploit by using a special flute that confuses Kikiada’s Gemini circuit… and his loyalties.
Kikaida is aided by his ‘sidemachine’ a  Kawasaki super-cycle with a sidecar.

One more thing…Jiro likes to play a little ditty on his guitar before kicking some evil robot ass!
Jiro & Guitar

For me, Kikaida is one of the better live-action shows…and it had a lot of heart! There is a lot more to this show than I can write about in a few paragraphs, so I hope you’ll check it out.
You’ll find that the series abounds with interesting characters, lots of creative robot monsters, great action, comedy (though much of it is unintentional), and near the end…some interesting plot twists! I’m not saying watching Kikaida is going to make you smarter or anything…it’s just a lot of fun!

The original series will see a continuation … ‘Kikaider 01’ in 1973-74 that will pit kikaida against his evil android nemesis Hakaider… introduced during the finale of the original series. The series will also get an anime treatment  in the year 2000.

DVD Boxset by JN Productions

I’ve linked titles in this post to the great site: Generation Kikaida… a well stocked source for this exciting tokusatsu series!

Visit the K.A.C. gallery!


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‘Kaiju Buusuka’ or ‘Booska’ aired November 9, 1966 to September 27, 1967 and featured 47 episodes.

Booska sees stars!

The comedy program was created by the visionary Eiji Tsuburaya & Tsuburaya Productions. Booska makes another suitmation television hit for Tsuburaya… just months after the popular Ultraman debuted in Color.

In the program, an iguana is fed an experimental herb called ‘Kuropara’ that transforms it into the forever grinning and pudgy Booska. Booska becomes the protector of his creator…a 10 year old boy named Daisuke Tonda.
Booska, who survives solely on ramen noodles (30 bowls a day!), will have many wacky adventures with Daisuke and his friends and family.
Booska eventually acquires a sidekick during the show named Chamegon. Chamegon is made after a chipmunk is fed into one of Daisuke’s inventions. In the final episode, Booska & Chamegon board a rocket to leave Earth…with a promise to return one day.

Booska Trivia:

  • If you press Booska’s navel… he can’t stop laughing.
  • Booska can fly, has super strength, and can become invisible.
  • The crown thing on Booska’s head is called a ‘boo-kan’…the source of his powers.
  • Booska is said to have the intelligence level of a 6th grader.
  • When Booska is happy he cries “Barasa!” which seems to be a nonsense word.
  • When Booska is low on energy he cries “shio shio no pa“…”No Energy!”
  • Booska will have a girlfriend named Boosko…who is pink of course!

I’m afraid I don’t have any links to purchase this rare show..
Booska enjoying his ramen

Side note…for this KAC Booska, I used my Max Toy version. Max Toy is located in San Francisco and is owned by the uber-talented artist Mark Nagata. Mark teamed up with Martin Ontiveros (Design) and Gargamel Toy Co.’s Kiyoka Ikeda (sculpt) to produce this stylized version…which is fantastic!

Make Booska happy…visit the Gallery!


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The giant titanium robot first appears in 1974’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.

In Godzilla vs MechaG, the metallic terror is sent to Earth disguised as Japan’s nemesis Godzilla by the evil alien race the ‘Simians’ aka “The Black Hole Aliens’. With the help of the kaiju ‘Anguirus’, MechaG’s charade is discovered. In no time, our real anti-hero Godzilla shows up to finish exposing the deceitful robot.

A ferocious battle takes place… requiring Godzilla to enlist the help of the mythological Kaiju ‘King Caesar’.
It will ultimately takes the monster’s combined efforts to behead the heavily armored and deadly MechaGodzilla.

Having their robot ‘s head handed to them, the ‘Simian’ aliens give it another shot in ‘Terror of MechaGodzilla‘ …just one year later in 1975. This time MechaG is controlled by a Cyborg woman.

The ‘Simian’ aliens reanimate & install a  monster remote control into a  scientist’s daughter named Katsura after she is accidentally killed in her father’s laboratory. The scientist… Dr. Mafune, has a tortured past and is responsible for inventing the remote control device for a dinosaur like creature named ‘Titanosaurus’. Titanosauraus also shows up in this outing to make Godzilla’s life more difficult by helping MechaG in his bid for domination.
Decapitation occurs once again at the hands of the mighty Gojira...but wait… before Godzilla can contemplate another victory jig, MechaG surprises everyone with the ability to function quite well headless. We get our first look at the actual Brain behind the terror! Katsura will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she is to save humanity. I’ll give up no more of MechaG’s or Katsura’s fate…check it out on Classic Media’s excellent DVD release!

MechaG will make a final appearance in 1993’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II. This time the robot is assembled on earth using technology from the time traveling ‘Futurians’. This outing sees MechaG battle with ‘Rodan’, the birth of another ‘baby Godzilla’ , the discovery that Godzilla and son have (2) brains (one brain controls their nether regions, hey…like my brain!), and a very difficult battle for Godzilla.
Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II ‘s plot was originally intended to build a bridge to the upcoming American Godzilla by having the new baby Godzilla grow up and star in the new movie. Sony pictures, in their infinite wisdom, decide to have a stand alone G-film and abandon the idea. Thus giving us the critically acclaimed and well loved American Godzilla.
…Just kidding about the well loved, critically acclaimed part. The movie isn’t really that bad…it’ s just not a Godzilla movie any way you look at and I think most G-fans will agree with me.

Click MechaGodzilla to see his brain…really!