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‘Kaiju Buusuka’ or ‘Booska’ aired November 9, 1966 to September 27, 1967 and featured 47 episodes.

Booska sees stars!

The comedy program was created by the visionary Eiji Tsuburaya & Tsuburaya Productions. Booska makes another suitmation television hit for Tsuburaya… just months after the popular Ultraman debuted in Color.

In the program, an iguana is fed an experimental herb called ‘Kuropara’ that transforms it into the forever grinning and pudgy Booska. Booska becomes the protector of his creator…a 10 year old boy named Daisuke Tonda.
Booska, who survives solely on ramen noodles (30 bowls a day!), will have many wacky adventures with Daisuke and his friends and family.
Booska eventually acquires a sidekick during the show named Chamegon. Chamegon is made after a chipmunk is fed into one of Daisuke’s inventions. In the final episode, Booska & Chamegon board a rocket to leave Earth…with a promise to return one day.

Booska Trivia:

  • If you press Booska’s navel… he can’t stop laughing.
  • Booska can fly, has super strength, and can become invisible.
  • The crown thing on Booska’s head is called a ‘boo-kan’…the source of his powers.
  • Booska is said to have the intelligence level of a 6th grader.
  • When Booska is happy he cries “Barasa!” which seems to be a nonsense word.
  • When Booska is low on energy he cries “shio shio no pa“…”No Energy!”
  • Booska will have a girlfriend named Boosko…who is pink of course!

I’m afraid I don’t have any links to purchase this rare show..
Booska enjoying his ramen

Side note…for this KAC Booska, I used my Max Toy version. Max Toy is located in San Francisco and is owned by the uber-talented artist Mark Nagata. Mark teamed up with Martin Ontiveros (Design) and Gargamel Toy Co.’s Kiyoka Ikeda (sculpt) to produce this stylized version…which is fantastic!

Make Booska happy…visit the Gallery!



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The giant titanium robot first appears in 1974’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.

In Godzilla vs MechaG, the metallic terror is sent to Earth disguised as Japan’s nemesis Godzilla by the evil alien race the ‘Simians’ aka “The Black Hole Aliens’. With the help of the kaiju ‘Anguirus’, MechaG’s charade is discovered. In no time, our real anti-hero Godzilla shows up to finish exposing the deceitful robot.

A ferocious battle takes place… requiring Godzilla to enlist the help of the mythological Kaiju ‘King Caesar’.
It will ultimately takes the monster’s combined efforts to behead the heavily armored and deadly MechaGodzilla.

Having their robot ‘s head handed to them, the ‘Simian’ aliens give it another shot in ‘Terror of MechaGodzilla‘ …just one year later in 1975. This time MechaG is controlled by a Cyborg woman.

The ‘Simian’ aliens reanimate & install a  monster remote control into a  scientist’s daughter named Katsura after she is accidentally killed in her father’s laboratory. The scientist… Dr. Mafune, has a tortured past and is responsible for inventing the remote control device for a dinosaur like creature named ‘Titanosaurus’. Titanosauraus also shows up in this outing to make Godzilla’s life more difficult by helping MechaG in his bid for domination.
Decapitation occurs once again at the hands of the mighty Gojira...but wait… before Godzilla can contemplate another victory jig, MechaG surprises everyone with the ability to function quite well headless. We get our first look at the actual Brain behind the terror! Katsura will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she is to save humanity. I’ll give up no more of MechaG’s or Katsura’s fate…check it out on Classic Media’s excellent DVD release!

MechaG will make a final appearance in 1993’s Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II. This time the robot is assembled on earth using technology from the time traveling ‘Futurians’. This outing sees MechaG battle with ‘Rodan’, the birth of another ‘baby Godzilla’ , the discovery that Godzilla and son have (2) brains (one brain controls their nether regions, hey…like my brain!), and a very difficult battle for Godzilla.
Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II ‘s plot was originally intended to build a bridge to the upcoming American Godzilla by having the new baby Godzilla grow up and star in the new movie. Sony pictures, in their infinite wisdom, decide to have a stand alone G-film and abandon the idea. Thus giving us the critically acclaimed and well loved American Godzilla.
…Just kidding about the well loved, critically acclaimed part. The movie isn’t really that bad…it’ s just not a Godzilla movie any way you look at and I think most G-fans will agree with me.

Click MechaGodzilla to see his brain…really!


King Kong vs Godzilla!

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The Highest grossing Godzilla film in Japan and… both monster’s debut in color!

Opening on August 11th, 1962, Kingu Kongu tai Gojira was a tremendous hit in Japan. Oddly enough… this controversial Japanese movie actually had it’s start in the United States.

Willis O’Brien, the lesser known stop motion SFX pioneer and mentor to Ray Harryhausen , penned the original script called ‘King Kong vs Frankenstein’. Unable to get financing and unhappy with his treatment in Hollywood , O’Brien takes the storied script to Tokyo.

TOHO studios decides to produce the project, with a big change…King Kong will duke it out with Japan’s own Gojira! RKO studios supplies the rights to KK and the legendary film is born.

The ultimate Kaiju Eiga (monster movie) team of Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya take on the Directing and SFX duties respectively.  Honda’s filmed vision of the movie employs a more tongue in cheek and humorous tone meant for the Japanese audience…humor in which critics and studio heads in the U.S. don’t quite get. For the release in the States, most of the humorous bits are cut and filled in with ‘newsreel’ footage of the two monster’s path of destruction. The U.S. version ultimately fails miserably. Horrible plot holes, ruined pacing, and poor editing, massacres the film shown for the American audience.

I feel that the American studio execs and critics of the film didn’t quite get what they expected and definitely took the film too seriously…the laughably horrible Kong suit in the film didn’t help matters. Honda and Tsuburaya’s King Kong vs Godzilla was meant to be a more ‘fun for all ages’ monster movie.

With the film’s major success in Japan, the Godzilla series would see continued success using the ‘VS’ device.  King Kong vs Godzilla marks TOHO’s permanent shift towards an ‘all ages’ audience, and best of all, continued to bring us all a wonderful parade of monsters!

Which goliath survives this titanic clash?…You’ll have to watch this fun, action packed film to find out!

Click Godzilla 1962 to visit the gallery…

Godzilla 1962!


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…or Minilla…or the Japanese name Minira.

Minira is a combination of ‘mini’ and ‘Gojira”…Mini Godzilla!

Minya is Godzilla’s son (we never do see a Mom, just an egg)… G-Fans usually either love him or hate him.

Minya, or Minilla (the two most common names in the U.S…I prefer Minya myself) is a character introduced in the middle of the Godzilla series time line known as the Showa Era. The Showa Era includes ‘G’ films from 1954 to 1975 and consists of 15 Godzilla films. There are other TOHO studio films in this era, but I’m sticking to Godzilla for now.

Minya makes his first appearance in Son of Godzilla in 1967. His second appearance is in 1969’s Godzilla’s Revenge (aka All Monster’s Attack). During this time frame we are introduced to a kinder, more kid friendly Godzilla…literally. Godzilla’s son is, for the most part, terrified of other monsters and prefers the friendship of human children.

‘Son’ and ‘G’s Revenge’ are definitely two of the campiest Godzilla films. Son of Godzilla also marks a turning point in the way Godzilla is portrayed in the next few films.  Godzilla, the nuclear terror from 1954, grows increasingly from aggressor to protector during the duration of the Showa Era.

Minya is played by suit actor and midget wrestler “Little Man” Marchan who does a fine job imo.

These two films featuring Minya are the Godzilla films I remember seeing first, without giving up my age, so I’m kind of fond of them…hilarious dubbing, Godzilla’s horrible head sculpt, Minya, smoke rings,  and all!!!

Minya makes one last appearance to return to the sea with Dad in Godzilla:Final Wars.

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Kameba, the mutated turtle, appears in the 1970 film: The Space Amoeba aka Yog the Monster from Space. Yog or ‘Gezora'( as featured in an earlier post),Kameba, & Ganimes all battle it out in this fun film.

Controlled by space amoebas, the monsters attack a small island. After the monster’s mind control is severed by the sonar of passing bats, the 3 monsters decide they don’t like each others company anymore and duke it out. There is only one survivor. Who is it????

Kameba also shows up in an episode of Yuke! Godman in 1972 and a debatable appearance in Godzilla:Tokyo SOS.

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Mobile. Operation Godzilla. Universal. Expert. Robot. Aero-Type

is the actual acronym for Moguera because…well… just because robots need acronyms!

Moguera has a strange history. The robot’s first appearance is in the 1959 film The Mysterians. In the film, the robot ‘Mogera’ is in town, Japan of course, to help his Alien controllers get some land and women. Hey… isn’t that why we’re all here?
All the Aliens want…5 acres and 5 women… is that so much to ask? Well apparently it is… battles ensue. This film was directed/SFX by my all time favorite film making duo…Eiji Tsuburaya & Ishiro Honda.

Moguera returns all spiffed up in 1994’s Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. In this film MobileOperationGodzillaUniversalExpert RobotAeroType II is built by the UN to protect Earth from Godzilla. When another Godzilla, a Space Godzilla, arrives on Earth, Moguera is dispatched to deal with the new threat.
Moguera ends up attacking Space Godzilla and effecting a devastating blow. Poor Moguera though, is no match for kaiju superstar Godzilla’s nuclear breath.

I highly recommend The Mysterians.

Click MobilieOperationsGodz….oh.. just click it


Varan The Unbelievable!

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Varan appeared in two Kaiju Eiga (Japanese Monster Movies), Varan The Unbelievable ,and alongside some monster pals in Destroy All Monsters.

His ‘cameo’ on DAM is very short. Apparently the suit was in such disrepair, Varan is just shown quickly in background shots.  Varan currently resides on Monster Island.

Click Veran to enrage er…enlarge!