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Part Deux of this incredible gathering of Japanese toy obsessed artists is a just a mere 2 weeks away! Don’t miss it!..

WHEN: Saturday January 16th 2010 (writing 2010 still makes me feel like I’m writing about the future) @ 6:00pm- 10:ish.

WHERE: Super 7 of course!..1628 Post St. San Francisco

WHAT A massive show featuring some of  the most talented airbrushers and painters of Japanese vinyl from all over the U.S.! … last year’s ICFSB show had plenty of other surprises too…and prizes!

A preview of my submission:

Last year I had things that smoked and made irritating noises…but I just didn’t have the time this year to make such annoying Objects deArt…BUT, I have something too HOT to touch!!!…(well not really…you can touch it all you want)…

I really like how this guy turned out…lots of glitter that you can’t make out in the picture and also his pupil is a tiny flame. I’ll get more pics up on flickr as the show grows nearer but I think it would be much better to come see it in person… 😉

I had such a great time at ICFSB 2009 and hope to see lots of familiar faces this year!…and hopefully KISS to0! lol…


GORGO! + A New Custom!

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Love Gorgo…one of the first “kaiju” films I saw when I was a kid.

Gorgo Quad Poster

This giant monster is not from Japan though…

…Gorgo hails from Great Britain mates!

From the director of the wonderful Harryhausen vehicle: ‘Beast from 20,000 Fathoms‘  Russian born film visualist & pioneer Eugene Lourie’  takes one more stab at directing a giant monster epic before going back to his main ambition of film art director and designer.

Beast from 20,000 Fathoms!


Gorgo follows the story of a treasure salvage ship’s Captain, Joe Ryan, and his shipmates run-in with a violent offshore volcanic eruption… an event that will soon lead them to an encounter with a juvenile 65′ monster that is to be named… Gorgo!


A face only a mother could love...

Definite shades of King Kong in this film…with the capture and transport of the mini beast to London…where like Kong…Gorgo is displayed to the public before all hell breaks loose! Of course Gojira is the first to come to mind too…I guess it’s hard to make a giant monster movie without it being compared to Godzilla.

The twist in this film is that it’s not Gorgo at all who’ll become the problem…it’s his angry 200′ tall mother Ogra! Momma Ogra isn’t at all happy about men stealing her baby…so the British Navy, the iconic clock Big Ben and the Tower Bridge in London will all feel her wrath!    How does it end???


Give me back my BABY!!

Lobby Card

I’d definitely recommend buying it…this is actually a really descent monster film with great effects!

$9.99 @ Amazon HERE!

Here’s the exciting finale (if you just can’t wait)…

A New Gorgo Custom!

I didn’t have time to finish the ‘baby’ Gorgo that came with this M1-go set of flesh vinyls but here is the completed full size…

Gorgo Custom!

Gorgo Custom Back

M1’s Gorgo sculpt is really something…lots of textures and lizardy bumps and scales. I wanted to use a lot of colors on this one to really bring out all of the surface qualities. I think I used about 10-12 colors on him total!

I’m calling this custom ‘Powered Gorga’ …in reference to some monsters ability to draw extra power and abilities which often makes them glow red or change colors…

Powered Gorgo!

Powered Gorgo!

Gorgo Custom by REdYOdA

The 9.5″ M1-go Gorgo vinyl was introduced in 2002 and has 6-7 different colorways including a few glow versions. Not too rare or terribly expensive but a great sculpt nonetheless. The sculpt captures the essence of the British movie monster very well…especially those big ol’ mitts!



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I’m really psyched to be part of VELOCITRON’s show at the Monstock Store & Gallery in Tokyo! I’m a huge fan of  Ricky’s insane Larvagon & Bechigon toys and was more than happy to paint some up for his ‘Massing of Grim Reapers‘ themed show!

The REAPIGON…(that’s what I’m callin’ them)…first up is REAPIGON: EGG of NECROSIS…

Bagged with custom Reaper header!

Death Egg

What's going to hatch?

The EGG of NECROSIS is painted in Orange/Red/Gold/Smoke/Green and features a Reaper skull with tinsel inside. Custom Reaper header included!


I wanted to do something a little unexpected with the Grim Reaper theme with this guy.

In the night REAPIGON shows his evil demon face!

The Devil?


An inverted cross was burned into it’s grotesque skull…


If caught in the daylight you will behold a figure wearing the robe of the Grim Reaper…

I come for your soul!

Your time has come!

I will take your soul!

After Reapigon MORTUOUS removes it’s robe you’ll discover that this soul stealer is not the black skeleton looking creature you were expecting at all!


In fact he is all bright metallic colors with an emerald eye…and of course a color coordinated Scythe…

I still want your soul.

Where's my robe...I'm cold.

So there you have it…a slightly different take on the Grim Reaper. I wanted to have a few different display options available too. Hope you like it as I really had a lot of fun painting these great VELOCITRON sculpts!

Emerald crystal eye in Reapigon’s removable head and innards…

Reapigon Mortuous removable head

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time I needed to make the header I really wanted (plus get VELOCITRON’s proper logo) but I got this one together fast for the show. I used a pic from the band Grim Reaper’s 1987 album cover ‘RockYou to Hell’ which I actually remember listening to. NxWxOxBxHxM x NxWxOxJxSxV  Hell yeah!

Reaper Header

Gezora Custom!

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The giant sea creatures are my favorite monsters…

And here’s a new Gezora custom I just finished up…

REdYOdA Gezora Custom

Being one of my favorite seafaring kaiju sculpts…I wanted to give this Gezora a special oceanic blue/green metallic finish and went really heavy on a glossy top coat to keep him wet looking. I also added some color shift pearl powder to the paint so he really catches the light and transforms color from different angles…



REdYOdA Gezora Back

All of his many tentacles are painted gold inside…that took a while 😉



Gezora is aka ‘YOG: The monster from space‘. The Alien-possessed cuttlefish makes his appearance in 1970’s ‘Space Amoeba‘ directed by Ishiro Honda. The movie features 2 other giant sea creatures…Kamoeba & Ganime. The film is released in the US under the aforementioned ‘YOG’ in 1971.

It’s a fun and surreal movie that has quite a few good chuckles in it…but it is a little light on the monster battles until the end. This film is quite different compared to Honda’s other kaiju pictures…but is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan. The film is near the end of Honda’s illustrious kaiju filled career. Another tidbitHarou Nakajima, who is the man-in-suit for quite a few legendary Honda beasties including the iconic Gojira…but for this film he suits up as Gezora AND Ganime…kaiju double duty!!

Yog Poster

Space Amoeba Poster

An old Gezora image I made using the same Bullmark type of vinyl figure…

Gezora Attacks!

Here’s the new custom joining one of Marmit’s versions…

Ahh...get your dirty tentacles off me!

Here is the original Japanese language trailer from 1970 for ‘Space Amoeba!’…


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Part Vampire Bat…Part Starfish…All Crazy!

I'm crazy!

Pestar debuts in 1966’s Ultraman Episode 13 “Oil SOS!”

Pestar has been attacking oil tankers in Tokyo Bay!...because that’s what Bat/Starfish creatures eat of course…Oil!


Tanker goes down!

After Pestar dissappears beneath the sea…the Science Patrol thinks of a plan to lure the mixed up monster out into the open for an attack. They decide to drop oil barrels into the ocean to lure Pestar into their sights…

Oscar caliber performances all around.

Pestar takes the bait!…

Pestar emerges!

These barrels are delicious!

Thanks Science Patrol!

Science Patrol mounts an attack…oops…this bat fish breathes fire…doh!

Umm...I think you should've seen this coming.

Screw these tiny oil Barrels and that pesky Science Patrol…I’m going for the refinery!

Now we're talkin'!

Science Patrol attacks again! …and actually takes the mighty Pestar down…

Damn you Science Patrol!

Pestar is down but they’ve also managed to set the whole place on fire…Luckily you-know-who shows up to put it out…and the crumpled mass formerly known as Pestar lets out one final attack before Ultraman puts him down for good…

Ultraman...I stab at thee!

Now to put out all of this fire with the ‘Ultra Water Spray’…you didn’t know I could do that one…did you!

Ultra Water Spray!

And done…the end.

Good job Science Patrol.

I love this show.

This brings me to the custom Pestar I just finished up last week. This is actually just one piece I’ve done that will go along with a couple of others to form a horrifying scene in an upcoming art show. More on that later…

Got Oil?

REdYOdA Pestar!

Pestar's back

Also working on projects for Toy Karma 2…stay tuned!

Oh, I found this cute plush Pestar too!…

Plush Pestar!

Too funny!

Plush Pestar available HERE (in Japanese)…along with some other great ones!

Custom M1 Zeton

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Polka dot Zeton II’s final hours at my house before departing to a new secret location in California…

REdYOdA Zeton

A private meeting takes place between the ‘suits’ and Kemur (a very close relative) before PDZ II is transferred to his new base of operation…

Family Portrait

…Followed by a transfer of sensitive information…Z-Ton style…

Zeton communication...or ????

Lastly…a final send off…with everyone wearing their best suits….

Z-Tons hate goodbyes...

Off to a new home! …

Zeton flys