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Cyclops Assassin Seven!

Posted in Customs with tags , , , , on November 7, 2008 by REdYOdA

Pulsing Mutant!

Ha...If you look closely, I animated the red bloody parts on the pic above…it pulsates, gross!

The custom figure above is the freakishly fantastic Mutant Chaos sculpt produced by Real X Head Japan. This particular one is a 2005 flesh one I picked up a few weeks back. I decided to just go crazy with the colors…and of course metallics!

CAS Back

I call him Cyclops Assassin Seven. If you look closely on his chest plate, above the cyclops skull, you’ll see seven marks…representing confirmed kills…it’s also a nod to a certain toy store I like!

Non pulsating pic…
CAS Front

An absolute blast to paint! This sculpt is so interesting and textured…unlimited possibilities!

Thanks RxH!


RxH Cyclops Dog!

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Nice Doggy!
I finally got around to finishing up the companion picture to the ONI DOG.

I posted a litttle more on the dogs last month HERE.

...and now something totally unrelated…

Winter is coming!

For those cold nights ahead, I recommend…Corona Space Heaters!

Just like the one Ultraman and Ultra Seven use…

…hmm, I had no idea these two were together! Wait a second… aren’t they brothers?!!!!!

btw..I like the traditional and cozy Japanese table they are shown sitting at…its called a Kotatsu …well in this case, an Ultra-Kotatsu!

Playin’ with the Cats…

Posted in The Kaiju Art Collection with tags , , on October 10, 2008 by REdYOdA

Some older Rxh Cat pics I took…bottom picture ( a slightly different version) was used for this site’s header…

After a few too many...

Odd Cat Out…
Star Cat looks lonely

Lots of paint drying on 4 customs today…will have at least one finished soon ( a Gargamel).

Oni Dog!

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Down Boy!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s the RealxHead Oni Dog!

The rare RxH dogs are striking vinyl figures that stand about 7″ tall and 8″ head to tail. Based on the ‘Oni’ devil/demon masks used in Japanese ceremonies and theater, the dogs come in two forms: Oni & ‘Cyclops’, and many different colorways. Here a some flickr pics so you can see a better view of them.

See a much larger version of the Dog pictured above in the gallery!

I heart demons!

Click above for more wiki ‘Oni’ info.

Glowing Mutant Chaos Army!

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Mutant Chaos Army!

RxH Mutant Formation…ready to protect the human race from Akro-Kaiser!

Above is the latest addition to The Kaiju Art Collection!

Read a little more about RealxHead and Mutant Chaos in my Maneki Neko post.