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Kaiju Kone!

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Received a couple of unpainted prototypes for Sebastian Curadeau’s new resin Kone toy!

Here’s one of them I painted up…(my first resin paint app…so be gentle)

Kaiju Kone!

I still have one more to do… but I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks so I though I would go ahead and post this up.

Pre-paint Kones!…

Kone Before Paint

Before paint 2

I’m calling this Kone flavor..Nuclear Strawberry…

Kaiju Kone Nuclear Strawberry

Standing 6″ tall, the resin prototypes are still a little rough around the edges, but with a little more polish I think it’s shaping up to be a really great new toy…one that I would love to see made into vinyl!

Chicks dig 'em!

When you feel your temperature rising…reach for a refreshing Kone!

Grab a cool Kone!

Everyone’s getting in on the action!…

Gameldon loves Kones!

Even Yokai love Kones…

that's nasty...

So unassuming when viewed from behind…

BAck view

Wanna bite???…

eat me...I dare you...

Though you can’t tell so much in the images above…I used color shift pearl flake in the fuscia and red paints so it has a bit more depth in person. The Kaiju Kones are a blast to paint and fun to hold…feels just like your holding the real thing. Sebastian used a real ice cream cone in the casting process which I painted heavily in metallic gold.

Vancouver resident Seabastian Curadeau is better known for his other plush creations and especially the plush Kones which I have 2 of and love ’em! See more of Sebastian’s plush awesomness…HERE!

Here’s a couple more of Sebastian’s plushes from my collection…

Hedorah & Eyezon by Sebastian Curadeau

Be back with more in a couple of weeks …I’m taking a much needed vacation!

…and your’s is on it’s way to Canada Sebastian!


A Miraculous Event!

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BAbY Eyezon has arrived…

Baby Eyezon!

New parents!

Eye see you

He gets into everything!

Baby Eyezon was not the only ocular superior newcomer…

Plush Eyezon!…

Uncle PlushGlittery gold back

Baby Eyezon

The Ceramic Baby Eyezon is sculpted and painted by the talented artist Mairuzu. A very small series of these cute little guys were created for the Kaiju Comrades show in Tokyo that was put on by Artist/Collector/Toy Genius Mark Nagata . One left… if your quick over at Mark’s Max Toy! Get it before I do!

Plush Eyezon

The 9″ plush Eyezon was created by super talented plush-sculptor Sebastian Curadeau for the KC show as well. Sebastian made a very small series of these plush Eyezon…only 7. Each is unique with a different colored back and hand numbered headers. All feature glowing eyes too!

I wrote about Mr. Curadeau here before when I received one of his super cool custom ‘CONES’! Read that HERE! Sebastian’s Blog is…HERE!

Glowing eyes are always a nice touch!

Classic kaiju packaging!

Plush, the new vinyl?!…

Plush Pals!

Don’t miss Mark’s detailed coverage of his successful Kaiju Comrades show over at his blog…Toy Karma!

A ton of great artists were  involved and some really unique and awesome pieces were shown!

Cyclops Cone!

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I received  a custom Cyclops Cone from the talented Canadian… Sebastian Curadeau today!

Custom Cyclops Cone!

I’ve wanted one of these since I saw one on Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma back in July. I’m not usually a big ‘plush’ fanatic…but these were just too cool!  Plus, I have a soft spot for anything ‘cyclops’.

The ‘Cones‘ are made from a kind of sparkly vinyl…the kind you’d find on old roadside Diner seats. The eyes and mouth are made from leather that he hand cuts and dyes. The one I had made measures 18″ tall, but you can also get a 24″…and he’s even made a few pretty wild 3 foot ‘triple scoop’ versions! Sebastian offers plush creations that are pre-made (if they’re not sold out)…or you can go all custom.

I think he must be a Japanese monster fan too…check out the packaging…a giant custom made vinyl bag and header!
Kaiju style packaging!

Sebastian has created other special custom orders as well…check out this Gort!

While corresponding with Sebastian, I had…what I thought… to be a brilliant original idea of getting a custom Ultraman made in the sparkling vinyl…but guess who beat me to the punch…Mr. Nagata… of course (he does kinda like Ultraman, so I don’t mind)! So hopefully we’ll get to see that once it’s completed. Sebastian did mention a Hedorah is in the works though…now that will be sweet!

Check out Sebastian Curadeau’s Cone’s blog HERE for ordering info…and to check out some of his other plush art.

Hey! You Dirty Cyclops Dog…Get off that!!!
Bad Cyclops Demon Dog!

Oh…I forgot to add…It GLOWS too!

Glows... +1