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SK Delivers!

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After a 3 1/2 month wait for this pre-order…Siccaluna-Koubou delivers an amazing set!

Sekai no KaijuShin Sekai no Kaiju

A bunch of images from the set below…but first a brief description of what this set consists of:

  • 9 inch vinyl 4-arm Zagoran. Only available with this book set. This is an alternate representation (extra set of arms) of the first ‘Zag’ to appear. Zag is first seen in the book “World of Giant Monsters” (the first book of the set) Page 11.
  • Reprint set of the extremely hard to come by books: Sekai No Kaiju’ (World of Giant Monsters) and ‘Shin Sekai No Kaiju’ (New World of Giant Monsters) Book 2.  The original books, published in 1967, feature short kaiju stories by Toshiya Nakaoka with illustrations by artists Kaijita & Minamimura.
  • Book 1 focuses more on prehistoric beasts with some freakish twists…though there are a few conceptualized monsters in the volume such as Zagoran, the Space Kaiju, and Dagigon .
  • Book 2 sees more of  the prehistoric creatures but also features a lot more imaginative creations like Bagun, Maity, & Iga-ru, plus many more. This volume also features many of the first ‘Kaiju Anatomy’ illustrations.
  • Both books feature the full color fold-out illustrations like the originals.

Now for some pics (click any to enlarge)…

4 Arm Zag


4 Arm Zag


Iga-rudeer guy

MaitySea Blob


My only critique…SK added four pages of product listing to the end of each book. These are all great vinyls, but I kinda wish the books were completely true to the originals…a small criticism.

SK Vinyls from the books

The book and Zag set is sold out but the books are still available…HERE.

For me, the Zag is pretty cool, but it’s really about the two books. SK obviously took great care in who they chose to reproduce the rare books. The images are crisp and they’ve included the full color fold-outs and slipcases. Absolutely nothing about these hardcover volumes feel cheap…which these are not (around $50++ for both). It is also great to see how well SK reproduced these unknown monsters for their own toy line.

If you can track down the originals and can afford them…then by all means grab them!

If not…I guarantee you won’t be sorry for picking up this great set of repro-books!


LASH Custom Dororu

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Hello there...

1/1 Custom Shikaruna Koubu Dororu by LASH …

Word on the street… is that Rich M. (LASH) is going to get the opportunity to work his V-Color magic on a special production run of custom Dororu’s. Though Shikaruna has released quite a few of their own 1/1 handpaints of this figure… besides the original limited red color…this would be the first Dorol offering via a collaboration for the figure…quite an honor if you ask meSK has become one of the most respected and sought after vinyl figure producers on the scene.


To get a feel for the figure (it’s massive)…LASH painted up the red one he already had… and then was kind enough to offer it up for sale to the covetous kaiju collecting masses. I had to jump at this opportunity! I feel that LASH is becoming (or already is) one of the foremost custom vinyl artists going …right up there with Paul Kaiju, Nagata, Dead Presidents, etc…plus this piece just looks freakin’ spectacular!

Back Troubles...ouch.

As I understand it…the custom Dororu that I received will look nothing like his upcoming limited production colorway. Reproducing this complicated paint app would just be too time consuming.  So this was just a test run…

Dororu aka Dorol aka fucking awesome skull beast.

…a very successful test indeed. Thanks Rich!

And don’t forget to visit LASH’s website: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore or his Flickr to see more pics of his amazing custom vinyls!

Really looking forward to the limited run…can’t wait to see the colorway LASH chooses. Only problem is that I don’t think my shelves can bear THREE of these guys! I’m sure I’ll think of something though^^

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

HERE is a link to my previous post on LASH’s first solo show right here in SF…this is where I got totally hooked on his work and picked up my first piece.


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New for The Kaiju Art Collection…’Garumega!’

Shikaruna Koubo

SK is a very small Japanese toy producer that has been causing quite a big stir among vinyl toy collectors…myself included! Known mainly for producing book/manga-only characters, such as the dead-on Zagoran sculpt from the sought after and rare books ‘Sekai no Kaiju and Shin Sekai no Kaiju‘ (which SK is planning to re-release) and other characters such as Mighty, Dagigon, and Bagun, SK also produces some incredible original character sculpts.
The first figures I had from them were minis, I couldn’t believe the attention to detail in both paint and sculpt, especially the paint work, truly amazing and intricate…and using quite a few more colors than I was used to seeing…especially in a mini!

Uh-Oh, Now I’m Hooked!
My first ‘standard size’ figure, ‘Garumega‘, shown above, instantly owned my toy shelf with it’s presence! SK seems to have thrown ‘standard size kaiju‘ limitations out the window and said “lets just make the biggest and bad ass characters that we want!”
Shikaruna definitely knows how to keep the collectors hungry too…amazing sculpts, quality vinyl, unsurpassed paint apps, and unusually low numbers. Sometimes runs of a popular figure will be just 20 pieces in a given colorway. SK is also known for producing quite a few, very hard to find, one-off paint apps as well. Pretty much the ultimate for a vinyl toy collector is the one-of-a-kind piece of a favorite sculpt, hand painted by the toy’s artists!

I have this guy on a pre-order…can’t wait. This one is going to be fun to photograph!

Shown above, the truly jaw dropping new sculpt ‘Dorol’ or ‘Dororu’

Looks like I’m going to need some new X-Large shelves if Shikaruna Koubo keep this up!

So in closing, I’d like to ask that if you haven’t already started collecting Shikaruna Koubo, then please don’t. I’m having a hard enough time finding the figures that I want as it is!


See a larger ‘Garumega’ and more kaiju HERE!