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Kaiju Invade San Francisco @ Double Punch SF!

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This is coming right up…so for those of you in the Bay Area*…mark your calendars and don’t miss this event!!!

*…or anywhere else for that matter… if you can make it!

[Click to enlarge fliers]


The opening reception is Saturday December 12th 7:00 PM at the Double Punch Store & Gallery in North Beach SF.

BUT...get there an hour early @ 6:00 PM and Matt Walker will also be giving one of Dead President’s famous pinstriping demos!!!

Four of America & Japan’s best kaiju artists & toy designers…

•Mark Nagata of Max Toy & Matt Walker of Dead Presidents!


On their first visit to the U.S….

•Ichimiya-san of Sunguts & Yajima-san of Dream Rocket will also be attending the opening!

One figure I’m personally hoping to see is Dream Rocket’s new Zabami…

I know Mark & Matt will bring some serious heat to this show…Matt has already let me know that there will be at least one show exclusive as well as some rare one-off customs…DP customs from: Max Toy, Onell Design, and RxH plus a few more surprises!

Mark’s still very busy working on toys for the show as this post goes out…so we’ll be hearing more on what to expect from Max Toy soon…

Just to give you a little taste of the talent…I snagged one of DP’s INCREDIBLE exclusives just a couple of days ago:

The Yamomark x Dead Presidents Cranberry Land Mushroom Soup Man (phew…that’s a long name!)…

…this guy is in serious need of a facial…

It’s difficult to capture all of the subtle nuances of Matt’s paint work on this figure! DP uses his own formula of paints and top coats that are extremely vibrant and durable. For this custom, Matt also added a ton of diamond ice pearl flakes to the paint to give it an incredible sparkle in person. MSM Cranberry Land was limited to just 10 pieces and I feel pretty lucky to have one in my collection!

I want some more!

Hope to see you at the show and I’ll update when I get more info on what’s going to be available!



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I’m really psyched to be part of VELOCITRON’s show at the Monstock Store & Gallery in Tokyo! I’m a huge fan of  Ricky’s insane Larvagon & Bechigon toys and was more than happy to paint some up for his ‘Massing of Grim Reapers‘ themed show!

The REAPIGON…(that’s what I’m callin’ them)…first up is REAPIGON: EGG of NECROSIS…

Bagged with custom Reaper header!

Death Egg

What's going to hatch?

The EGG of NECROSIS is painted in Orange/Red/Gold/Smoke/Green and features a Reaper skull with tinsel inside. Custom Reaper header included!


I wanted to do something a little unexpected with the Grim Reaper theme with this guy.

In the night REAPIGON shows his evil demon face!

The Devil?


An inverted cross was burned into it’s grotesque skull…


If caught in the daylight you will behold a figure wearing the robe of the Grim Reaper…

I come for your soul!

Your time has come!

I will take your soul!

After Reapigon MORTUOUS removes it’s robe you’ll discover that this soul stealer is not the black skeleton looking creature you were expecting at all!


In fact he is all bright metallic colors with an emerald eye…and of course a color coordinated Scythe…

I still want your soul.

Where's my robe...I'm cold.

So there you have it…a slightly different take on the Grim Reaper. I wanted to have a few different display options available too. Hope you like it as I really had a lot of fun painting these great VELOCITRON sculpts!

Emerald crystal eye in Reapigon’s removable head and innards…

Reapigon Mortuous removable head

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time I needed to make the header I really wanted (plus get VELOCITRON’s proper logo) but I got this one together fast for the show. I used a pic from the band Grim Reaper’s 1987 album cover ‘RockYou to Hell’ which I actually remember listening to. NxWxOxBxHxM x NxWxOxJxSxV  Hell yeah!

Reaper Header

‘Into the Darkness’ Show @ 1AM Gallery

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Into the Darkness @ 1AM

I’ll have a few pieces in the upcoming ‘Into the Darkness‘ show happening June 5th at 1AM Gallery in SF! Mark your calendar…this show is not to be missed!

‘Into the Darkness’…people view the darkness in many different ways…

The show is the brainchild of San Francisco artist DrilOne, who will also curate. Dril has assembled an absolutely mind blowing number of diverse artists  for what looks to be an unforgettable show…


I’ll be posting images of the show here on the site after the opening…including my own pieces.

Hope to see you there!

1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard st. San Francisco

(415) 861-5089

Into the Darkness