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What’s wrong with this picture?…

What a pain in the ass!

Well for starters…two heads facing opposite directions…this poor kaiju doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…it’s Magnetudon!  Talk about an identity crisis…sheesh!

Magnetudon, from 1971’s Spectreman, is summoned and controlled by the evil blond mentioned here a couple of posts ago…Dr Gori!

This unfortunate monster has a Mole head, which is fond of burrowing beneath the Earth and causing earthquakes, and a Catfish…well,…ass. The Catfish side of his personality prefers to swim the Earth’s oceans and cause massive tidal waves that wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal cities.

These two seem pretty happy with their predicament…
Are two heads really better than one?

The figure used in the images above is the CCP Toys 2002 Magnetudon from their Spectreman Series. The figure is 9″ tall. This is an absolute favorite of mine by CCP…great colors, and the expressions on the two faces are pretty humorous. The whole sculpt is just interesting and bizarre.


As with many kaiju creations in Japan, there is often a mythological beast used for inspiration… I’m not really sure about the Mole part…but I believe the Catfish is in reference to ‘Namazu‘, the earthquake causing catfish from Japanese legend…


Having a fish head for an ass also gets you more screen time…Magnetudon appears in two back-to-back episodes of Spectreman… Episode 15: “A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo“, and Episode 16: “Retaliation of Magnetudon“.

Below are the youtube versions of the episode uploaded by the great Spectreman.Net!

Oh!…one more thing, Episode 16 contains perhaps one of the greatest lines of dialog…that I promise you’ll never hear anywhwere…ever.

Dr. Gori…“You idiot!   Don’t burrow in the ground like a mole…Come up and fight… like a Catfish!!”



Dr. Gori

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I will RULE the WORLD!!!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s the evil Dr. Gori!

…Who just happens to prefer pink pant suits.

I used CCP Toys great 8″ Dr. Gori vinyl from the Spectreman series for the image above.

There is more info on Gori from a previous post HERE.

Larger version + a mug shot over at the flickr Gallery.

The real Dr. Gori…

Blondes have more evil fun!

Dr. Gori is not the first Japanese villain…or Hero to sport the golden locks.

There is also the solid gold giant Ambassador Magma (aka Goldar in the US) from Space Giants…
Click pic for a short vid of the golden Ambassador…
Don't hate me because I'm prettier than you.

Plus we can’t forget the 80’s rock band hair of Megaloman!
More video…click the pic…
You should see the size of my blow dryer!

Why blond wigs on Japanese Heroes and Villains??…good question. I’m sure they have their reasons…perhaps budget restraints, I just don’t know. I always kind of thought that… living in a nation that is predominately populated with persons of all black hair and brown eyes…using blond or white hair really added to the exoticism of the character. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the producer/ directors just think blond wigs look cool on gorillas…I guess we may never know.

I must say that they did make an excellent choice for Dr. Gori’s sidekick Karas’s look…

“Shiiiit. I ain’t wearin’ no fool wig…Fool”

Shiiit...I aint wearin' no fool wig...fool.

Gorilla My Dreams

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Ultimate Lar!

It’s Space Ape Karas from Spectreman!

…aka ‘Ultimate Lar’ from CCP Toy Co. in Japan. I’m not really sure why they call it ‘Ultimate Lar’ enlighten me if you do…

Dr Giro (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Dr Gori (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Spanning 63 episodes in 1971-72, The tokusatsu show’s main message… that we humans are over-polluting the Earth.
Banished from his home world, the evil space gorilla Dr. Gori (shown seated above) makes his way to Earth and is stunned by our planet’s natural beauty. Dr. Gori cannot believe how blatantly we earthlings destroy it.
The psychotic simian sets his sites on ruling the human race with the help of his fellow, dubiously dressed, yet brutish assistant: Space-Gorilla ‘Karas’ (shown standing above).
Our hero Spectreman is sent by the peaceful and protective planet Nebula 71 to help the Earth combat the Gorillas… and the various, ironically Earth polluting, kaiju they summon.

Here is a clip of some Gorilla’s in tights/Spectrerman action…

Click Dr Gori’s wig to visit the Kaiju Art Collection!

I make this look Gooood!

I make this look Gooood!

Ultimate Lar figures can be found at