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Don't make me cut you man

New for The Kaiju Art Collection…Gamera baddie Guiron!

The sensational knife-headed and evil Guiron appears in 1969’s Gamera vs Guiron…

For the picture above I used the great 1997 Marmit Guiron.

(Released in the U.S. as ‘Attack of the Monsters’)
Gamera vs Guiron

Not only does Guiron have a knife (not just any knife mind you…it’s harder than diamond) for a head…great for close combat (he can stand or run around on all fours), he also has the ability to shoot deadly shuriken (throwing stars) out of the side of his head! It’s truly hard to believe that Gamera is able to take the evil Guiron out (Guiron’s knife head gets stuck in the ground and Gamera finishes him off)! …did I mention he shoots shuriken out of his head??!!

What makes Guiron tick…
Guiron Anatomy!

To witness Guiron in action…plus a little Gamera style gymnastics…CLICK HERE


RxH Cyclops Dog!

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Nice Doggy!
I finally got around to finishing up the companion picture to the ONI DOG.

I posted a litttle more on the dogs last month HERE.

...and now something totally unrelated…

Winter is coming!

For those cold nights ahead, I recommend…Corona Space Heaters!

Just like the one Ultraman and Ultra Seven use…

…hmm, I had no idea these two were together! Wait a second… aren’t they brothers?!!!!!

btw..I like the traditional and cozy Japanese table they are shown sitting at…its called a Kotatsu …well in this case, an Ultra-Kotatsu!

Just Another Victim…

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Ragon Prefers Blondes

I’ve created another kaiju series for Flickr entitled Just Another Victim…’

Nice packaging!

Nice packaging!

Last week I purchased a set of the ‘Terrified B-Movie Victims’ from ‘Accoutrements‘ in Seattle. These 3″ figures are just perfect for creating dramatic kaiju action shots! I used HDR photography for the series, but also tried some new techniques like double exposure for one shot.

Now… if  only they would make these terrified little people look Japanese!

Soon to be Vaporized…

Game Over!

The Mighty Titanosaurus…
Help Us!

…and 3 more can be seen in the New Flickr Set HERE!


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I have Missiles!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection it’s Dokurotarou/Elegab’s great little Missilelas!

The particular Missilelas used for the shot above is the Grumble Toy clear version. A great 4″ sculpt that has a ‘rough around the edges’ appeal to it…plus it’s just great Japanese monster design…a two headed monster with missiles on his back…c’mon!

These missile shooting lizards are designed by Shintani Naritada, who, besides designing great toys is also an illustrator and artist. I think we will be seeing much more from Shintani, Elegab, Dokurotarou, and Missilelas (who btw also has a little sidekick named Haramakion!).

Already available Nov. 2nd, that is providing you are near Tokyo…

Flashing LEDS!

Good luck scoring this guy though…light show above is limited to just 5 pieces!!! There will be clear red or blue spray non-LED Missilelas versions produced in greater numbers available. Also available… if you can find it, is the original green Missilelas.

Missilelas’ tiny yet terrifying sidekick Haramakion…
Do I frighten you?

To see the Kaiju Art Missilelas much larger …which I recommend btw…click HERE!

Flower Monsters?

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Flower Power!
Shown above is ‘Greenmons‘ …the giant flower monster from UltramanEpisode 5: The Treasure of the Miloganda. I used a 2000 M1-Go mini for the shot. I used an extra light beaming in the side…hoping to create a glowing ‘Sun’ effect.


First discovered by a botanical expedition to the remote Oilis Island, the irradiated Greenmons attacks a surprised team of botanists and reporters, luckily the angry plant is able to be put down by a team member’s revolver. Some time later, back in Japan, the same flowery beast that was presumed dead, returns in the dead of night to take more victims.

After a grisly killing spree, the monster is finally discovered after an attack on one of the Science Patrol’s own. Greenmons is shot again, only to fall and disappear into a reservoir. Dead? Oh…I don’t think so!

For the final showdown,  this time Greenmons returns as a towering flower beast that only Ultraman can stop!

Greenmons was not the first flowery monster to wreak havoc upon Tokyo… first there was…

‘Juran’ the Mammoth Flower from Ultra Q

Ultra Q – Episode 5 ‘The Mammoth Flower’ 1966

After a series of mysterious earthquakes shake Tokyo, ominous looking vines start appearing that are definitely not your typical houseplant variety. The Ultra Q team soon witness the vines mounting an
attack on a hapless human. With the help of a broken bottle and a fire extinguisher (?!) as weapons, the team are able to put a stop to the carnivorous plant…for the time being.

Soon the plant reemerges, though this time it has transformed into ‘Manmosu Furawā’ or ‘Mammoth Flower’, tearing through a building to allow it’s flower to extend. The 300 ft. tall flower soon wreaks more havoc… with deadly vines and a pollen that has the ability to cocoon it’s victims.

After much deliberation and close calls, the Ultra Q team along with a Dr. Ichitani, who’s theories of giant, city destroying flowers were previously scoffed at, decide to put to use the doctor’s plan for destroying the Mammoth Flower…Fixed Carbonic Acid.

Released from an airplane by Ultra Q’s pilot Jun and the doctor, the acid, along with flamethrowers, are able to put down the giant plant once and for all.

The narrator in the end of the program reminds us to be careful of the pretty flowers…as they may rise up to destroy us again….ok, that’s just weird.

…But I like pretty flowers!

…and so does Gabari…(shown with the little M1-Go Greenmons)

Now you have an excuse if your girfriend asks… “how come you never give me flowers anymore?”

“Well, because honey, flowers are evil and will grow hundreds of feet tall and destroy humanity. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?”

Click HERE to visit The Kaiju Art Collection and see the pic grow in size.

Playin’ with the Cats…

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Some older Rxh Cat pics I took…bottom picture ( a slightly different version) was used for this site’s header…

After a few too many...

Odd Cat Out…
Star Cat looks lonely

Lots of paint drying on 4 customs today…will have at least one finished soon ( a Gargamel).

Oni Dog!

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Down Boy!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s the RealxHead Oni Dog!

The rare RxH dogs are striking vinyl figures that stand about 7″ tall and 8″ head to tail. Based on the ‘Oni’ devil/demon masks used in Japanese ceremonies and theater, the dogs come in two forms: Oni & ‘Cyclops’, and many different colorways. Here a some flickr pics so you can see a better view of them.

See a much larger version of the Dog pictured above in the gallery!

I heart demons!

Click above for more wiki ‘Oni’ info.