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A look inside a Mandarake storeroom…

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From Mandarake TV/Goomo TV

Lots & Lots of boxes and LOTS of toys!

I would love to spend a few days digging around in there!

The Mandarake shops have quite a few locations around Japan, but the most well known are the shops located in the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo, and the complex in Akihabara. Mandarake allows for a unique shopping experience by having a series of shops in the same location that each cater to different collectors. They sell much more than rare vinyl toys…they sell pretty much every Japanese toy ever made plus tons of manga!

Here’s another video looking around at some other stuffs..

Here’s a look inside the Osaka shops…

Mandarake online shop…HERE!



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It’s Woo from UltramanBlue Woo!

Blue Woo!
Woo by  M1-IchiGo is one of my all time favorite (you’re gonna hear that a lot! ) kaiju vinyl’s. The 2001 M1-IchiGo version (used for both Kaiju Art Photographs in this post) is a wonderfully stylized representation of the Snow monster…and it glows in the dark!

Well, at least one vinyl version of M1’s Woo does. M1Go also released a ‘Lucky Bag’ unpainted version, and a very rare special mail-away version (you would send in the unpainted version and M1Go would paint Woo and then mail it back to you). There are also Woos by Bandai, Marmi,t & others.

I’ll be sure to do an article about M1-IchiGo toy co. soon…stay tuned.

Here’s the previous O.G. Kaiju Art Woo I did using the M1…Click to enlarge in the gallery!

O.G. Woo!

Woo makes his debut in 1967’s UltramanEpisode 30: “The Phantom Snow Mountain” as the misunderstood snow monster who befriends an orphaned girl named Yuki.

Kind of a sad ending in this episode, but you do get to see the Science Patrol go skiing!

A great original Ultraman episode… and you can own it here!

Woo Trivia:

Before the talented Eiji Tsuburaya gave the world Ultra Q and Ultraman…there was ‘Woo’.

‘Woo’ was to be a  television series about a benevolent alien (Woo) who comes to Earth after it’s home planet is destroyed. Woo would eventually befriend the initially hostile humans, and become Earth’s protector from alien and monster invasion. Japan’s Fuji TV wanted an output similar to America’s popular ‘Outer Limits’ & ‘Twilight Zone’ series of the time.

Though Woo was never filmed due to it’s scope, and the demanding technical achievements necessary, it’s essence would live on. Soon after Woo’s dissolution, Tsuburaya’s talents were tapped again to envision a series called ‘Unbalance’. In short… the Sci-Fi, SFX series ‘Unbalance’ would eventually morph into Ultra Q…and from there the rest is Ultra history!

I’ll post more about Unbalance, Woo, and the beginning’s of Ultraman as this blog moves on… but, if you’re interested in the subject, I could never do the job as well as author and tokusatsu expert August Ragone.

To really get the story of Eiji Tsuburaya… the father of all things Ultra…and the SFX wizard behind a certain giant, Atomic, Tokyo hating, lizard… pick up August’s indispensable tome to everything Eiji:

Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters

Buy This Book!

Even if you’re not into monster movies or Ultraman…you will be after reading this book!

Woo Hoo!


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‘Kaiju Buusuka’ or ‘Booska’ aired November 9, 1966 to September 27, 1967 and featured 47 episodes.

Booska sees stars!

The comedy program was created by the visionary Eiji Tsuburaya & Tsuburaya Productions. Booska makes another suitmation television hit for Tsuburaya… just months after the popular Ultraman debuted in Color.

In the program, an iguana is fed an experimental herb called ‘Kuropara’ that transforms it into the forever grinning and pudgy Booska. Booska becomes the protector of his creator…a 10 year old boy named Daisuke Tonda.
Booska, who survives solely on ramen noodles (30 bowls a day!), will have many wacky adventures with Daisuke and his friends and family.
Booska eventually acquires a sidekick during the show named Chamegon. Chamegon is made after a chipmunk is fed into one of Daisuke’s inventions. In the final episode, Booska & Chamegon board a rocket to leave Earth…with a promise to return one day.

Booska Trivia:

  • If you press Booska’s navel… he can’t stop laughing.
  • Booska can fly, has super strength, and can become invisible.
  • The crown thing on Booska’s head is called a ‘boo-kan’…the source of his powers.
  • Booska is said to have the intelligence level of a 6th grader.
  • When Booska is happy he cries “Barasa!” which seems to be a nonsense word.
  • When Booska is low on energy he cries “shio shio no pa“…”No Energy!”
  • Booska will have a girlfriend named Boosko…who is pink of course!

I’m afraid I don’t have any links to purchase this rare show..
Booska enjoying his ramen

Side note…for this KAC Booska, I used my Max Toy version. Max Toy is located in San Francisco and is owned by the uber-talented artist Mark Nagata. Mark teamed up with Martin Ontiveros (Design) and Gargamel Toy Co.’s Kiyoka Ikeda (sculpt) to produce this stylized version…which is fantastic!

Make Booska happy…visit the Gallery!

King Kong vs Godzilla!

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The Highest grossing Godzilla film in Japan and… both monster’s debut in color!

Opening on August 11th, 1962, Kingu Kongu tai Gojira was a tremendous hit in Japan. Oddly enough… this controversial Japanese movie actually had it’s start in the United States.

Willis O’Brien, the lesser known stop motion SFX pioneer and mentor to Ray Harryhausen , penned the original script called ‘King Kong vs Frankenstein’. Unable to get financing and unhappy with his treatment in Hollywood , O’Brien takes the storied script to Tokyo.

TOHO studios decides to produce the project, with a big change…King Kong will duke it out with Japan’s own Gojira! RKO studios supplies the rights to KK and the legendary film is born.

The ultimate Kaiju Eiga (monster movie) team of Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya take on the Directing and SFX duties respectively.  Honda’s filmed vision of the movie employs a more tongue in cheek and humorous tone meant for the Japanese audience…humor in which critics and studio heads in the U.S. don’t quite get. For the release in the States, most of the humorous bits are cut and filled in with ‘newsreel’ footage of the two monster’s path of destruction. The U.S. version ultimately fails miserably. Horrible plot holes, ruined pacing, and poor editing, massacres the film shown for the American audience.

I feel that the American studio execs and critics of the film didn’t quite get what they expected and definitely took the film too seriously…the laughably horrible Kong suit in the film didn’t help matters. Honda and Tsuburaya’s King Kong vs Godzilla was meant to be a more ‘fun for all ages’ monster movie.

With the film’s major success in Japan, the Godzilla series would see continued success using the ‘VS’ device.  King Kong vs Godzilla marks TOHO’s permanent shift towards an ‘all ages’ audience, and best of all, continued to bring us all a wonderful parade of monsters!

Which goliath survives this titanic clash?…You’ll have to watch this fun, action packed film to find out!

Click Godzilla 1962 to visit the gallery…

Godzilla 1962!