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Space Trooper Flying Saucer!

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Do you believe?

The Space Trooper /Death Climax line

To be honest…I really didn’t get into the whole Toygraph Space Trooper craze. I thought they were cool and all…just that I’m more into the kaiju…besides that, the Troopers were also pretty expensive (the biggest deterrent).  I DO have a big soft spot for retro flying saucers and space toys though…so when I saw this…vinyl + flying saucer + Space Troopers + glows + LED’s = buy now!

Trooper in cockpit…

I can't feel my legs!

“I can’t feel my legs!”

The little 7″ circumference, 5″ tall saucer has a removable cockpit and a clear dome top…but not a removable Trooper. Too bad.

Dome is made from vinyl too!

Glow and LED's!

The whole exterior cockpit is made from glow vinyl…though only the upper edge shows after inserting into the saucer section. As I mentioned, this is the LED version, and I was really hoping for a little more in that department. It would have been great if the Trooper and some of the interior controls lit up, but alas…just the little space traveler’s head does…

Hmm...changes color!

Hmm…changes colors!

Lack of cockpit LED’s and non-removable Trooper aside…the thing is pretty damn cool looking! Plus the LED’s are extremely sensitive... Sometimes it comes on when I just look at it funny…

In the cockpit…

How many times can I say Cockpit

I just want to see how many times I can say ‘Cockpit’.

The coolest part about the whole toy imo… is that it is ALL VINYL! No plastic to be found anywhere.

The dome, saucer, landing struts, interior COCKPIT, and the Trooper are all quality vinyl. I’ve seen vehicles made from vinyl before, take M1’s Atragon, but none are this intricate and with so many parts. The saucer section must have been quite difficult to design for production in vinyl. Quite an achievement on Toygraph’s part!

Death Climax stamp…

Death Climax line

Saucer Section

Probably hard to make!

This version is limited to 80 Pieces and comes bagged with a header card…

Header Card

Now I have a special installment of video…made in about an hour and a half (it shows!) with annoying space sound effects created on my MicroKorg synth, enjoy…


Toygraph Tokyo Tower

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Ultra Q Tokyo Tower!

Finally got around to taking shots of the adorable 2006 ‘Ultra Q Tokyo Tower’ by Toygraph!

I really do enjoy the Toygraph vinyls…this small Japanese toy company definitely takes a more whimsical approach in their highly recognizable sculpting style. The toy company just had a major hit in the last quarter of 2008 with their Space Troopers line. Here are some ClubTokyo links to a few of their ‘cuter‘ sculpts:

The Vinyl Ultra Q Tokyo Towers were released in 2006 and feature these Ultra Q monsters…

Goro (no, I’m not King Kong Damnit!) the ape kaiju…

..and it's not the Eiffel Tower!

Eyeryone’s favorite money muching kaiju… Kanegon!

Did I cause the econmic crisis?

Creepy Alien Kemur Seijin…


…and Hanging out at the base of the Tower It’s Namegon, the giant Snail and Mongler, the Mole monster…


There is a glow version of the Ultra Q tower available as well…which seems to be a bit more common, but usually more expensive. There are also two Toygraph ‘TOHO’ kaiju Towers which features…Mothra, Godzilla, Baragon, Hedorah, and either Ebirah or Gorosaurus. Apparently Ebirah had to be removed due to a licensing issue.

All of the Towers stand appx. 14″ tall with the three upper kaiju separately bagged.

These Towers are definately worth picking up…if you can find one that’s not too expensive. The detail and paint on each little monster is pretty well done…and these Towers look fantastic displayed with your full size vinyls!


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I see 300 of you!

For the KaijuArt Collection…‘Meganuron’ from Rodan!

This creepy crawly creature has a few memorable scenes in the 1956 classic TOHO film… ‘RODAN!’
Though the Meganuron(s) (there’s a whole hive of them) have only a few scenes, they do add some nice creepy scares to the film before the titular monster is finally revealed!

The star of Rodan takes a look at the miniature set…

Oh yeah...I'm gonna tear this up!

A small rural Japanese village is devastated by the deaths of  local miners in what is originally thought to be a bizarre series of murders by one of their own…a  fellow miner with a grudge… who has also gone missing.
Little do the villagers know that a hive of nightmarish larvae-like creatures known as Meganuron are the real culprits!

The residents are soon to find out though…when a Meganuron decides to attack a house right in the village!

Mind if I come in?


Of course the villagers realize that their accused man is not responsible for the murders and therefore decide to track down and destroy the creature. This, of course, proves easier said than done as bullets and heavy artillery don’t seem to effect the insectoid menace!

Hard to kill…

Stretching back stage.

Finally the rogue Meganuron will be killed by crushing it with a speeding mining ore car, but at the cost of a terrible cave in…trapping a local man named Shigeru! As the worried people topside start their days-long endeavor to free the trapped man, Shigeru has time to explore the caves…and guess what he finds…a whole colony of Meganuron!

…and a giant egg that begins to hatch before his eyes!

You’re bug food Shigeru!

I'm going to be Rodan's dinner

Shigeru does witness the egg hatch…though not of another giant bug…but the giant dino-bird: RODAN!

The hungry baby Rodan will make a quick first meal of the surprised Meganurons, aiding in Shigeru’s escape. Apparently all of this is just too much for Shigeru to handle though…the traumatized man is found later on wandering a road and unable to remember anything he has witnessed!

Now hopefully I have piqued your interest into finding out the rest of the story…if you haven’t already seen it a million times like me!

A superb re-release of the film was just put out late last year by Classic Media, and it’s a triple bill!..with ‘War of the Gargantuas‘, ‘Rodan’, and the great documentary ‘Bringing Godzilla Down to Size’! This incredible set is on Amazon right now for $14.99cheap!

The Meganuron figure used for my two images above is the 2006 Toygraph release (blue with tower). ClubTokyo Pic HERE.

And finally, here are some scenes featuring Meganuron…

New Space Ape!

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Hurry! Ebay auction 6′ tall and only 3 days left!

I’m not really sure what to say about this…so I’ll let the seller do the talking…
“Dear Buyer, You are bidding on an life size monkey astronaut statue. This statue is about 6′ tall, is made of resin and is hand painted. You can also put this statue outside because it is unaffected by rain or snow. The dimensions for this statue are about 33″(L)x 31″(W)x 75″(H). It is a monkey astronaut in a white spacesuit and he is also holding his helmet, there are also other details and colors on the spacesuit as well. It would also look good in your bar, basement, or restaurant and would make a nice gift for a person who likes astornauts. The shipping is $245.00. THIS STATUE IS OUT OF STOCK and will get to the winner within 2-3 months after we receive payment”

If you are actually interested in a 6 foot monkey in a space suit…click the pic above…and best of luck to you.

I think I’ll stick to the fantastic limited Max Toy/Toygraph… Mizaru-1 sculpt by Mark Nagata for my space ape needs!

From the Space Troopers line and available to the public on Black Friday! Pics of the painted sculpt and more info over at Toybot Studios. Click pics below to head over to Max Toy!

Mizaru-1 Headers

Mizaru-1 Unpainted

More info on the story behind Mizaru-1 at Mark’s Toy Karma Blog (scroll down about 3/4 page).