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Chinese 18″ Ultraman

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About a year ago I decided I wanted a large Ultraman in the classic ‘Spacium Ray’ crossed arms pose for display…without paying too much $$$, I found this guy…

(Shown here with the M1 9″ Hyata for size reference)

Ultraman & Hyata

This Chinese made electronic figure set me back about $40. Made by a company called Ruishi Culture Developing Co. (that’s a strange name) in 2004, under official license from Tsuburaya, I thought it looked pretty good regarding detail and proportion.Ruishi 18" Ultraman

It came boxed and attached to a stand with the Ultraman logo…I removed the stand by unscrewing the feet, it just took up too much room! Below is the picture from Ruishi’s website (in English too!)…browse through the ‘Toys’ section and you will see a massive amount of Ultra toys! They make everything from Ultra-underwear to Ultra cutlery!

Ruishi Pic

Here’s a nice Ultra-Mask & Weapon ‘Assenbly’…


Now my one issue with this toy…like I mentioned, it’s electronic, so I popped in 4 AA’s and viola…

Well, besides Ultraman’s weird jerky ‘pop & lock‘ moves…wtf does he say? Sounds like a female voice to me. I do like the little Ultraman theme snipet though.

All in all, I’d say it’s pretty cool for a large display figure… and so what if my Ultraman speaks Chinese and sounds likes girl!

Hyata’s ‘Beta Capsule‘ … just for fun…

Beta Capsule


Jujin Yuki Otoko Figures

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Half Human Header

From the 1955 Japanese film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko’ (Monster Snow Man) …that has been banned in Japan for decades!

I bought this figure some time ago and just released it from storage. I wasn’t quite sure what it was when I bought it…some strange Yeti looking dude holding a dead rabbit..??? Strange enough for me to pick up! Header card pictured above.

X-Plus Abominable Snow Boy

With a little research, I found out that it is one of two figures released by Osaka Japan’s X-Plus to commemorate the US version of the film entitled ‘Half Human’. The  X-Plus figures pictured below are the 12″ version of the adult ‘Abominable Snowman’ figure that included two interchangeable torsos that feature different facial expressions…but sans dead rabbit…

I stole this pic..I’d give credit, but I’m not sure where I got it…
Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculps? Odd.

Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculpts? Odd.

The top figure  is the ‘Son’ of the Abominable snowman, complete with dead rabbit carcass…and as an added bonus the dead rabbit articulates at the waist…so you can twist it’s legs into unnatural positions…why???…I really don’t know, but it greatly adds to the bizarr0 factor imo.

The 7″  ‘Son’ figure was produced in 1998 and was available in another colorway (brown), the figure pictured is the ‘grey’ version.

The 1955 Film

I have yet to see this movie. It’s quite hard to come by, and I just refuse to watch the 1958 U.S. hack job called  ‘Half Human‘. The American version cuts appx. an hour of footage from the original and splices in David Carradine as the narrator and star.

The 1955 Japanese original film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko‘ was made right on the heels of the succesful  ‘Gojira‘ by the legendary monster-movie-making super team:  Ishiro Honda (Dir.), Tomoyuki Tanaka (Prod.), and Eiji Tsuburaya (SFX).

Original Poster

The film was banned for public viewing  in Japan due to scenes in the film that  depict a ‘native tribe’ that too closely resembled Japan’s oldest indigenous inhabitants, living in the northernmost region of the country,…the Ainu,  who primarily reside in Hokkaido.

The ‘native tribe’ depicted  in the film is portrayed as mindless savages…which the Anui surely are not. There has been a long history of prejudice in Japan towards the native Japanese Ainu and Burakumin peoples.

Hopefully. I’ll run across a copy of this film in the near future and be able to give a better review and perhaps post a few scenes. I do dig the figures though!

I’m going to go pose my dead rabbit now…

Daikaiju Battle for Wii!

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Namco Bandai’s Daikaiju Battle Ultra Coliseum looks like a lot of fun!

Control Tsuburaya Ultra kaiju using you’re Wii remote…

Really an amazing array of monsters to choose from. I even glimpsed the Dino-Tank!

I love this commercial too… featuring Gomola & Zetton having a Wii battle…in the living room…

Too bad there is no release of the game in the U.S.

Link to the Namco/Bandai Daikaiju Ultra Coliseum main page HERE!


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I was finally able to sink my teeth into the latest issue of G-FAN and it was such a great issue… I thought I’d post a little about it.
One of the reasons I loved this issue is the fantastic interview and tribute to living legend… Haruo Nakajima.
Mr. Nakajima was the first to don the iconic suit of Godzilla in 1954 and breath life into the legendary monster. And not just Godzilla, Nakajima portrayed many other well known tokusatsu characters as well, such as Gaira from War of the Gargantuas, Matango, King Kong, Baragon, & Moguera, just to name a few!

Seen in this rare photo…a visibly agitated King Caesar listens in while Eiji Tsuburaya directs Nakajima (in Godzilla legs). King Caesar feels he is not getting enough screen time…

If your interested in early TOHO Studios and tokusatsu history…definitely grab this issue! G-FAN magazine is unceasingly fun to read … I’m always anxious to get my quarterly issues!

Some other great reads that I recommend, that are not too hard to find,  on early TOHO, Godzilla & tokusatsu history…

Oh… by the way… G-FAN was just named in the Chicago Tribune’s list of  their top 50 favorite magazines nationwide!!! God job and congratulations J.D.!

To subscribe to G-FAN…click the cover…

btw…Matango Custom is now finished, just gotta shoot some pics and will have it posted sometime Thursday!

Flower Monsters?

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Flower Power!
Shown above is ‘Greenmons‘ …the giant flower monster from UltramanEpisode 5: The Treasure of the Miloganda. I used a 2000 M1-Go mini for the shot. I used an extra light beaming in the side…hoping to create a glowing ‘Sun’ effect.


First discovered by a botanical expedition to the remote Oilis Island, the irradiated Greenmons attacks a surprised team of botanists and reporters, luckily the angry plant is able to be put down by a team member’s revolver. Some time later, back in Japan, the same flowery beast that was presumed dead, returns in the dead of night to take more victims.

After a grisly killing spree, the monster is finally discovered after an attack on one of the Science Patrol’s own. Greenmons is shot again, only to fall and disappear into a reservoir. Dead? Oh…I don’t think so!

For the final showdown,  this time Greenmons returns as a towering flower beast that only Ultraman can stop!

Greenmons was not the first flowery monster to wreak havoc upon Tokyo… first there was…

‘Juran’ the Mammoth Flower from Ultra Q

Ultra Q – Episode 5 ‘The Mammoth Flower’ 1966

After a series of mysterious earthquakes shake Tokyo, ominous looking vines start appearing that are definitely not your typical houseplant variety. The Ultra Q team soon witness the vines mounting an
attack on a hapless human. With the help of a broken bottle and a fire extinguisher (?!) as weapons, the team are able to put a stop to the carnivorous plant…for the time being.

Soon the plant reemerges, though this time it has transformed into ‘Manmosu Furawā’ or ‘Mammoth Flower’, tearing through a building to allow it’s flower to extend. The 300 ft. tall flower soon wreaks more havoc… with deadly vines and a pollen that has the ability to cocoon it’s victims.

After much deliberation and close calls, the Ultra Q team along with a Dr. Ichitani, who’s theories of giant, city destroying flowers were previously scoffed at, decide to put to use the doctor’s plan for destroying the Mammoth Flower…Fixed Carbonic Acid.

Released from an airplane by Ultra Q’s pilot Jun and the doctor, the acid, along with flamethrowers, are able to put down the giant plant once and for all.

The narrator in the end of the program reminds us to be careful of the pretty flowers…as they may rise up to destroy us again….ok, that’s just weird.

…But I like pretty flowers!

…and so does Gabari…(shown with the little M1-Go Greenmons)

Now you have an excuse if your girfriend asks… “how come you never give me flowers anymore?”

“Well, because honey, flowers are evil and will grow hundreds of feet tall and destroy humanity. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?”

Click HERE to visit The Kaiju Art Collection and see the pic grow in size.


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X-Plus Cylclops

Harryhausen…the father of Kaiju? You bet!

Before there was a certain nuclear Japanese giant lizard, there was a burgeoning monster boom happening in Hollywood. With the great success in the U.S. of early monster films featuring Ray Harryhausen’s ground breaking stop motion techniques, Iwao Mori, the big time producer for TOHO studios, set forth to make Japan’s entry into the giant monster film arena.

The first draft for TOHO’s  monster film was called “The Giant Monster from 20,000 Miles beneath the Sea”, hmm…maybe a little too close to the title of Harryhausen’s 1953 “Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” . Despite the obvious title similarities and influence, TOHO’s beast would eventually morph into the most well known monster of all…Gojira!

…and keep a man named Eiji Tsuburaya busy for quite some time.

Why do I bring up Harryhausen today???  Because today is the release of a few choice Harryhausen monster films on Blu-Ray. I am excited about this because I love these films and grew up watching them…forging my passion for all things monsters! I’ve seen these films sooo many times that seeing them in HD is for me…well…Exciting!

Collection on Blu!

If you don’t have a Blu-Ray player, get one if you can…it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see Japanese kaiju eiga classics appearing in Blu format. If you like films as much as I do, the HD experience is really worth checking out. So what if a recession is coming…bailout shmailout…we may not be able to afford food or gas, but at least you’ll have movies in HD, right???

Oh Yeah…

The Cyclops at the top is new for the Kaiju Art Collection. I used the 2001 X-Plus 12″ figure from my collection for the photograph. Cyclops is from Harryhausen’s wonderful “7th Voyage of Sinbad” Click Here to see a larger verion. I hope you like it!!!

New Music!

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Added three new Music files to the sidebar...

Symphonic themes to:

  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraman Leo


Now here’s Ultraman Ace giving Metron Jr. a really bad day…

Ultra Vertical Guillotine

Don't Fuck with the Ace!

(4) Customs I’m working on now… a special one for Halloween too!

Happy October!