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The Rooster from Space!???

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Well kinda…it’s Perolynga Seijin from Ultra Seven…who wasn’t really a rooster at all!  Though Bear Model’s interpretation really brings out the cock-a-doodle qualities in their sculpt of this Ultra Alien!

So without further adieu…here’s my latest custom…

Custom REdYOdA Perolynga…

REdYOdA Pink Perolynga

One of the reasons I think I was drawn to this project was that I am born in the ‘Year of the Rooster‘ in the Chinese Zodiac…or as my friends like to keep reminding me…the year of the cock 😉

One cocky custom!...sorry, couldn't help it

Perolynga's back

Would you be scared of this alien?


The original Perolynga by Bear Model was released in 1999 in red vinyl and this simple colorway (the above custom was painted on the plain red vinyl). Pic is from COOP’s collection…

Alien Perolynga bearmodel 1999

Bear Model also re-used Perolynga’s body for their Piniya sculp from 2000…

bearmodel 2000 piniya

And here’s one of Yamanaya’s mini Perolyngas…

Yellow Yamanaya

Marmit went more realistic in their interpretation of the character…this is pretty much what Perolynga looked like in the Ultra Seven episode…

Marmit Perolynga

Perolynga is from Ultra Seven Episode #45: ‘Flying Saucers have arrived!’ which aired  in 1968.

Hide your hens when Perolynga is in town!…

Perolynga on TV


Vintage Ultra Kaiju Picture Book on Japanese TV

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I’ve uploaded a video segment (10 min.) from a Japanese TV show where the guests make use of the rare ‘Ultra Kaiju Picture Book’ from 1968 to help them fashion hilarious DIY classic kaiju costumes…

DIY Kanegon!

Video (not subbed but still fun to watch!)…

In the segment you’ll see a small clip of  the money munching Kanegon’s episode from ‘Ultra Q’, plus a visit to an amazing Ultra collection, followed by the fun DIY costume creations…

The book…

The rare and highly sought after (at least by me!) Ultra Kaiju Picture Bookwhich I don’t have btw 😦 was published just months before the end of Ultra Seven’s popular run on TBS Japan in 1968.

The book features images and descriptions of monsters from the early original Tsuburaya tokusatsu programs (1966-68)Ultra Q, Ultraman, & Ultra Sevenand of course as you saw in the video…instructions to make your own homemade costumes…now that’s fun!

Sorry for the not-so-great pics…but I had to steal them from an auction listing 😉

Cover: featuring Ultra Seven vs.Alien Ikarus…

Ultra Kaiju Picture Book 1968

Back cover shows Anne Yuri getting snuck-up on by Alien Pegassa…

Ultra Kaiju Picture Book Back Cover 1968

Some screen grabs from the video…

make your own Kanegon suit!



I love how you need two people for the Pestar suit!

Well, I don’t think I’ll be getting this book anytime soon…it can be found at online auctions occasionally but the book usually fetches btwn $200-$300! A bit high for me right now.  So, if anyone out there has one to scan and share… that would be great!

…and speaking of Ultra Seven, here’s a full episode of the American dubbed version ‘Ultra 7’…

Part 1…

Part 2…

Part 3…

Kaijyu Ultra-Book

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My kind of book!

My kind of book!

I’ve had this book for about 2 weeks. I wasn’t even going to post about it…but I find that I keep going back to it… it’s great!!


This 194 page glossy book covers all of the standard size (7-10″ish) ‘Ultra’ Kaiju. Meaning…starting with Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra Seven…and on down the line. Each figure has it’s own trading card style picture (I do find these a little darkly lit on some). Each character section also displays a picture of the original Bullmark vinyl if it was produced for any given kaiju. The vinyls are given individual statistics: Maker, Original Cost, Notes and Year of release.

The back of the book features a collector’s checklist for each company as well…+1

The book covers ‘new’ Kaiju by the biggest producers:  Marmit, Marusan, M1Go, Bandai/Bullmark repros, Yamanaya, etc. up until 2008. You will not find some of the more obscure or smaller scale Ultra kaiju in here.

Of course Woo finds his favorite page.

Of course Woo finds his favorite page.

Why Buy It?

This is where it all began…Ultra Kaiju. I started by collecting Godzilla, I then moved into the Ultra shows and was completely blown away by the creativity, colors, and designs of these beasties. Searching them out became as fun as acquisition. Watching the old tokusatsu shows is something I never tire of. I love these monsters and wish I had each and every one…in all their variants. Since I don’t have the time or money to do that…having a book like this can be the next best thing.  For the other painters out there…it’s a killer source of inspiration too.

I also find it very useful, being as forgetful as I am, always asking: “what was that guy’s name again?

Big bonus: All the kaiju have their name in English too! +2

The book was available at Max Toy briefly as well as Super7, but seems to be sold out. There are some available on ebay now at decent prices. If you’re a serious Kaiju collector or just getting started…this book should be in your possession. Good Luck!