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A legendary Japanese Monster in vinyl!

A creature myth not too unlike our ‘Bigfoot’ legend here in the US…many would argue that the Japanese Tsuchinoko is a real snake like creature that some have reported as even having mythical powers. Though, like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, Nessie, the Yeti, etc…people have also claimed to have witnessed, took images, or actually captured the elusive snake creature…but like all of the other cryptozoologic creatures…science has yet to confirm it’s existence.

The real deal?

One of many variations that have been encountered…

Tsuchinoko (sue-chee-no-ko)…which translates to “Hammer Spawn” are said to be highly venomous, able to jump great distances, and also have the ability to bite onto their own tail and roll around like a wheel. Those who have encountered say they make high pitched squeaking sounds or screeches.

Among the even more strange legends about these funny looking snake monsters:

The ability to talk (though it usually tells lies, which makes sense, ’cause it’s a snake.) and a strange penchant for booze…

Let’s Party first…Ssssss….and then I’ll eat you!

A toy of a lying, drinking, evil mythical snake…had to have one!

M1-Go produced 3 versions of the beasties back in 2008 which they dubbed ‘UMA: Unidentified Mysterious Animal‘. The 8″ long 5″ high snakes came packaged in a box (with great artwork, see below!) which is also kind of unusual for these types of vinyl toys. Also included is a very shiny black presentation platform wrapped in a paper envelope…and as usual the vinyl quality and paint are right on par with M1-Go’s normal super high standards.  I don’t see these Tsuchinoko vinyls come up too often…but I was able to snag one in the last Morphy Auction.

M1-Go’s offerings…

Some pics of the one I received…

Box art front…

Box art back…

Out of the box…he’s not happy about this…

Got to be more careful…ouch!

That’s it for now…but if you do find yourself in the Japanese countryside…watch your step!


Yokai Attack!

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Yokai Attack!

You love monsters…I love monsters!

All throughout human history, monsters have existed to explain our human calamities and hardships. Nowhere, in my opinion, are the creatures more strange and wonderful as in Japan.
I finally received my English copy of the informative, yet whimsical look at the legendary monsters of Japan : Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide, by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt.

And It’s great!!!

Inside Yokai Attack!

Inside you’ll find the book has a fun and easy layout that features 42 Yokai and a great little map highlighting locations of ‘sightings’ and probable beginnings of said Yokai. Each creature’s section features: Pronunciation, English names, weapons, weakness, abundance, habitat, claim to fame, and more. You’ll also find in each section, a small history featuring pics of classic representations of the monsters in art. Also, since this is a ‘Survival Guide’ …how to better your chances in case you have the misfortune of crossing paths with one of the demons.

Yokai #30 Rokuro Kubi
Rokuro Kubi

The artwork in the book is reason enough to pick up a copy! Illustrated by manga artist Tatsuya Morino, the pictures show each Yokai in the act of what they are known best for…usually deceiving or terrifying humans!

Yokai #10 O-dokuro

In vinyl toy terms, the influence of Yokai are seen again and again…in the creation, theme, and sculpts of the toys we collect. If you want a little more background on Kaiju in general, Yokai history is definitely a great place to start.

I really enjoyed this fun yet informative book and know I will refer back to it again and again, plus as I mentioned before, the artwork is really great!

Every pic above will take you to…don’t let a possible Yokai encounter frighten you…go in prepared by picking up a copy of this book!


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Daemon is just one of a parade of monsters in the surreal & wonderful Yokai Monsters!

Well ,also known as…

Big Ghost War, Big Monster War, Ghosts on Parade, Spook Warfare, & Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare, phew!

This 1968 film is about a vampire, but unlike any vampire you’ve seen before! The Vampire, Daemon, is resurrected accidentally by some grave robbers, and shortly thereafter, settles down in Japan and takes the life of a well loved nobleman. The vampire is able to takeover the body of his victims, after sucking their blood of course, while maintaining their outward appearance. The local Yokai ( Spirits, some from actual Japanese mythology, like the Kappa) aren’t too happy about this, so all hell breaks loose in the sleepy village!

Daemon starts reproducing himself by spliiting his spirit self into various victims.  The friendly Yokai can see through the vampire’s trickery and attempt to overthrow the blood sucker. Finally the spirits and villagers will have to team up to stop him.

This is a favorite film of mine. I think the effects are great for the time and a very eerie feeling is accomplished throughout. The subs are pretty good, not great, but get the job done. Don’t let the subs dissuade you from watching the film.  Really creative Kaiju design in this!

You want wonderfully strange… pop this in the DVD tray!

Highly recommended!

1997 Marmit Daemon figure used for the Kaiju Art.

Click Daemon to bring forth more monsters!