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Just finished up a new custom that I’ll have pics of  here soon.  Actually working on 3 customs now with more in the works. I had good light in the living room today so I just took some random toy shots…still dialing in the new camera…


Ika's by KoziK

goin’ to work…

Briefcases full of ???

T-28 got a shiny new topcoat yesterday…

Tetsujin T-28


A slightly modified clear Ultra Ace…

now with filling

A custom Smogun…

Smogun Custom

The Beagle Cyclops…I love this guy!

Harryhausen Cyclops

More on Harryhausen and another Japanese X-Plus Cyclops…HERE

It’s a lovely day so Zags going out for a while…

Gotta keep cool!

Another sharp dressed alien…Alien Mates!

Love the hair color!

If you’ve actually made it down this far…here’s a teaser of the Red Warrior Baltan I’ve done for Matt Walker of Dead Presidents…don’t look Matt!

Baltan's neck snapper

…more later.


SK Delivers!

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After a 3 1/2 month wait for this pre-order…Siccaluna-Koubou delivers an amazing set!

Sekai no KaijuShin Sekai no Kaiju

A bunch of images from the set below…but first a brief description of what this set consists of:

  • 9 inch vinyl 4-arm Zagoran. Only available with this book set. This is an alternate representation (extra set of arms) of the first ‘Zag’ to appear. Zag is first seen in the book “World of Giant Monsters” (the first book of the set) Page 11.
  • Reprint set of the extremely hard to come by books: Sekai No Kaiju’ (World of Giant Monsters) and ‘Shin Sekai No Kaiju’ (New World of Giant Monsters) Book 2.  The original books, published in 1967, feature short kaiju stories by Toshiya Nakaoka with illustrations by artists Kaijita & Minamimura.
  • Book 1 focuses more on prehistoric beasts with some freakish twists…though there are a few conceptualized monsters in the volume such as Zagoran, the Space Kaiju, and Dagigon .
  • Book 2 sees more of  the prehistoric creatures but also features a lot more imaginative creations like Bagun, Maity, & Iga-ru, plus many more. This volume also features many of the first ‘Kaiju Anatomy’ illustrations.
  • Both books feature the full color fold-out illustrations like the originals.

Now for some pics (click any to enlarge)…

4 Arm Zag


4 Arm Zag


Iga-rudeer guy

MaitySea Blob


My only critique…SK added four pages of product listing to the end of each book. These are all great vinyls, but I kinda wish the books were completely true to the originals…a small criticism.

SK Vinyls from the books

The book and Zag set is sold out but the books are still available…HERE.

For me, the Zag is pretty cool, but it’s really about the two books. SK obviously took great care in who they chose to reproduce the rare books. The images are crisp and they’ve included the full color fold-outs and slipcases. Absolutely nothing about these hardcover volumes feel cheap…which these are not (around $50++ for both). It is also great to see how well SK reproduced these unknown monsters for their own toy line.

If you can track down the originals and can afford them…then by all means grab them!

If not…I guarantee you won’t be sorry for picking up this great set of repro-books!

Zagoran & Zagamania!

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For a monster that never had it’s own television program or movie… Zagoran sure is popular…at least with collectors!

He’s been around for awhile in vinyl, I know, It’s just that I finished the above Kaiju Art photograph and got re-inspired by Zag’s awesomness!
Such a great design in this happy cyclops… what’s not to like?
There are a ton of great Zagoran figures out there, especially by two of my personal favorite vinyl
designers/producers: Hukkokudo & Gargamel.

I think Gargamel has the Hukko’ Zag beat in the sheer numbers produced and I believe Garagamel’s Zag was  the first Zag on the scene… but I gotta give my vote to Hukko’ for my favorite sculpt. Don’t get me wrong! I love the Gargamel Zags, I have a couple, I just prefer the Hukko’s a little more. The Gargamel Zags seem, maybe a little too cartoonish to me… I know that sounds weird when you’re talking about a crazy vinyl toy that represents a fictional character…but heh…if you’re reading this, you probably understand me.
Gargamel Zag!

The Hukkokudo (aka The reprint Maker of Lost Kaiju Toys) Zags are a tiny bit taller at 11″ (compared to 9″ for Gargamel). There are definitely fewer colorways in the Hukko’s, but again, I like the sculpt. The back spines are cool (none on Gargamel’s), as are the more raised ‘scales’. The Huckko’s seem to be not quite as polished a sculpt as the Gargamel. The more inurbane sculpts are something that I feel I’m drawn to in kaiju vinyl.

With a tiny bit of detective work you can also find a crazy amount of custom Zags too. Zag customs by Artists: Tim Biskup, Paul Kaiju (I really like PK’s stuff!), Frank Kozik, Mark Nagata, Dead Presidents, and more.

There are sooo many Zagoran variants: Store variants, SDCC’s, Zags in planes, Zag’s in tanks, Zags stuffed with you-name-it, Super7 even had a Zag design contest… with the winning Zag to get it’s own custom production run…by Gargamel! Zags made by Marmit, Target Earth, & Shikaruna Koubo too!
Marmit Zag!

If you want to $ave some dough, there are lots of mini Zags too.

Well, maybe that will cost you more if you’re the completest type and have to have both versions…doh!

Zagora‘ is a kaiju character from a 1967 book written by Toshiya Nakaoka with original artwork by an artist named Kaijita. The book: Shin Sekai No Kaiju (New World Monsters), features Zag and a cast of other fictional kaiju that were also made into toys… but not used in any tokusatsu programs.

That’s all I’ve been able to determine so far…leave a comment if you know more and I’ll edit this post!

Click Old Skool Zagora below to visit the gallery…

Shin Sekai No Kaiju