KaijuArt.com >>>Link-a-Palooza!<<<



ClubTokyo The indispensable database of new and vintage vinyls. Like I said…indispensable!

ToyboxDX A mind-boggling amount of information…much more than just robots. Be sure to visit the BBS!

CollectionDX See some amazing collections, get toy news, and find a ton of info and articles on Japanese toys!

Skullbrain.org Super7’s forum for kaiju collectors…KidRobot fans beware! A lot of very knowledgeable collectors post here regularly… including Super7’s great staff and owner Brian Flynn.

COOP’s Flickr Sets Artist COOP is a long time collector of Japanese toys…if you want to know what a toy looks like, he’s probably got a picture of his here! Truly amazing collection!


Toy Karma (Mark Nagata) Mark is the ultimate Ultraman Collector and the founder/owner of Max Toy Co. He was also an original founder of Super7 magazine. A  passionate and true expert on Japanese toys… and an incredible artist!

DeadPresidents Designs Artist and talented customizer Matt Walker keeps you up on his latest appearances, collabs, and customs! Always wanted an expertly pinstriped kaiju?…look no further! Now offering his latest creation: Monster Kolor!

The Good, The Bad, & Godzilla (August Ragone) August is THE expert in the US on Kaiju Eiga, Tokusatsu Programs, Sentai series, Godzilla, Japanese toys, etc. The author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters.

ToyBot Studios Site ran by a very well connected collector/photographer/artist in San Francisco… fantastic photography, breaking toy news, Skullbrain happenings, & general Toy event info. Kirkland showcases his own incredible custom vinyls as well!

Cometdebris (Gargamel) English Blog by Koji Harmon of Gargamel Toys in Japan.

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (LASH) Rich is a long time Japanese toy collector and one of the best customizers out there. This site began as a RxH fansite, but now showcases LASH’s work… and his upcoming shows or collaborations.

Kaiju Korner Personal Blog of kaiju collector Andy B.  Great pics and Andy often covers the Japanese toy events!

Kaiju Chronicle Great up-to-date blog from very passionate collector Joe Wu. Joe takes superb pics, paints amazing customs, and is super knowledgeable about kaiju and Japanese toys in general.  A well designed website! Joe’s flickr is a great place to visit too!

Omni-Monster!!! (Kaiju Utopia) Long running blog from the amazing photographer and kaiju collector Geozilla. You’ll find great pics of HTF kaiju here. Also a great place to find links to manufactures and much more! NEW! Be sure to check out Geo’s new site that will cover all things by the mysterious….ANRAKUANSAKU! Splendid Monstrous Beast!

Assorted Loaf (Pickeloaf) Amusing AND informative blog from kaiju collector ‘Pickleloaf’. Great pictures, toy reviews, & musings from Pickle’s collection…and you may notice that this man has a thing for apes (no…not like that!).

The Lost Kaiju Tons of great kajiu from the Windy City! John posts on a variety of Japan-centric subjects… but mainly concentrates on new and vintage Japanese vinyl toys and art.

Grumble Toy’s blog Blog from Grumble Toy Store out of Canada. Here you will find info on new toys and the ever-popular Grumble Toy exclusive collaborations!

Super7 Blog News and info from the mecca for Japanese toys in the U.S…SUPER7!

ToyboxDX Brog Blog from one of the best and longest running Japanese Toy sites. Started by Alan Yen & Matt Alt, ToyboxDX has a wealth of info on all types of Japanese toys.

Garamania! Fun blog about everyone’s favorite…Garamon!

Kaiju Yaro Blog from Kaiju-Taro, up-to-date info on KT exclusives and news.  Be sure to visit the store too!  They ship to the US and the online store is in English! Direct link to the store below.

Toysrevil’s I Like Toys This blog covers a wide range of designer toys…but you’ll find info on the more popular Japanese releases as well. A very well run and frequently updated site covering the entire designer toy scene.

Astromonster Artist Alex Wald’s blog. Stay informed on Alex’s latest shows and new works. A truly talented individual!

PaulKaiju.Com Keep up with Paul’s latest custom work! By far the best and most popular cutomizer out there…see his work and you’ll know why!

ToyCyte Regularly updated kaiju toy news!

Vinyl Pulse ‘Daily News about Designer Toys’

Sci-Fi Japan Not a blog about toys at all…but a constantly updated blog on Japanese Sci-Fi films, anime, new releases, events, and more. Most of the vinyl kaiju toys are either inspired by or are from these Japanese Sci-fi films.

Cosmo Knight Alpha In Japanese, but you’ll see the more obscure vintage and upcoming vinyls pictured here, a lot of times before anywhere else. Japanese food and cat pics too. CKA is a toy shop in Ekoda (Tokyo).

Sofubi Kingdom In Japanese. Keep up-to-date on the often very limited Japanese toy releases!

Monterous Beast? In Japanese. Lots of great photos from toy shops & shows in Japan…often of new sculpts and releases! Updated regularly.

DokuroTarou In Japanese. Blog from toy maker (Elegab) DokuoTarou. Showcases their toys, sculpts, and design process. Cool site!

CCP Blog In Japanese. Blog from the innovative Japanese toymaker…LED’s anyone?

Exohead Blog In Japanese. Exclusives from Exohead Toys! Galtan, Skull Rex and more!

Plastica In Japanese. Toy collector’s blog. Nice pics and some news and show coverage.

Memocyo? In Japanese. Blog showing new release Neo-Kaiju toys by a variety of producers.

House of Kaiju In Japanese. Newer blog showing htf releases and great kaiju pics from NEO.

Marmit Plus In Japanese. Marmit’s blog on upcoming releases.

Golden Boy’s Tabloid In Japanese. Musings from Hiddy of Secret Base Toys!

If I missed your blog… or you know of a great one that’s not listed, please comment below and I’ll add it!

The Toymakers!

(If no official site was found…I’ve linked to their blog)

Bring a monster home!

North America:


Info on setting up a PC to display Japanese Kana & KanjiHERE

More info below on how to order.

I’ve listed the few that I have bookmarked. Some manufacturers sell directly. Please help out if you know of more stores that sell new or vintage vinyl toys.

  • I’ve only listed online stores that sell kaiju vinyls…not every designer toy from Japan.
  • Often your best bet for Japanese toys, especially vintage, will be Yahoo Japan Auctions. More links and info on buying from YJP…HERE

  • I currently use TokyoBuyers as my buyer for YJP and other Japanese stores. They are very professional and I have had  great luck buying with them! Services such as these will make purchases from ANY Japanese marketplace or store. Notice that the TokyoBuyers homepage has many search terms already translated for you!

  • I have also used Celga and Japamart in the past with no problems.

  • If you visit a Japanese site with a lot of English peppered throughout…sometimes you can just try emailing them directly in English and ask if they’ll ship to you…I’ve gotten lucky this way before!

Good Luck!!!

Oh, and if you see one of these for sale ‘cheap’…just let me know!…

Astro Mu Devil-Bado in box :>


6 Responses to “KaijuArt.com >>>Link-a-Palooza!<<<”

  1. Mr. Yellow Says:

    Hey, wow a great blog! Thanks for the links also. A good blog I read all the time is: http://gngch.wordpress.com/ More towards the Sentai/Kamen Rider side of things but good nonetheless.

    Also, a great middleman service is “YokattaWeb.” http://www.yokattaweb.com/ They only charge a base fee of 700 yen.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Yellow!

    I will definitely check out your links…thanks!!!

    • Mr. Yellow Says:

      Yep, no problem. I actually found your site by looking for places that sell Tokusatsu toys in Virginia because I am heading down there to see some friends. Unfortunately, there are no places around here (Maine) that sell any good types of things like that.

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  5. Hey Do you know where I can get a Zeton Costume for my 4 year old son for Halloween???? Maybe that will be my next business!

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